The Lemon Tree @ the Pavilion Hotel

At the Pavilion Hotel on Northbourne Ave  there is a mosaic mural of a lemon tree. It was installed in the year the building was built, 1980. As I’ve been told the mosaic was extended into the bathrooms of the hotel rooms, but has since been painted over because it looked “too 70’s”…

The reason for a lemon tree? Because the cafe at the front of the buiding apparently used to be called The Lemon Tree Brasserie.

The Lemon Tree

I can’t seem to track down anyone who knows who created it… It’s been made out of ceramic tile and broken plates. I actually really like it!

The Marque Hotel Mural - detail

Marque Hotel Mural - detail

As you can see in the detail, it depicts all the native birdlife that we have present here in Canberra: the rosella, the magpie, the yellow tailed black cockatoo, the kookaburra etc… Really a fantastic piece of work in my view!



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3 responses to “The Lemon Tree @ the Pavilion Hotel

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  2. Hey Wendy,
    It’s pretty groovy isn’t it? I admit I have thought about doing mosaic “tours”. I know where they all are now and have almost mapped out in my head the best and most efficient way to get to them all, where to stop for lunch etc… There is a Canberra Mosaic Tour that operates out of Sydney. As far as I know though they still havn’t done one. It’d be fun!
    Glad you got onto Mosaic Atlas and uploaded some pics! We’ll slowly get there: mosaicists taking over the world that is! 😉

  3. hey kim
    love this mosaic – especially the little birds – thanks for putting me onto the mosaic atlas!!

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