Well what a learning experience the markets were!!! I had a great day and the weather was altogether pleasant (considering how hot it’s been!). I got an outdoor stall and luckily Matt managed to get me a marquee and shot bags. By 3pm I don’t know what I would’ve done without the shot bags… It suddenly got so windy and very hot, so I was glad it was coming to an end.

All in all though I did OK. And I think I’ve figured out a few things I needed to make in order to sell and also have on display (since most people can’t seem to see the possibilities) and actually make money. Alas, I need to factor in time in order for that to happen, but I am giving it a go again next weekend so I’ll see if my theory works. My guitar “Swan Song” did generate ALOT of interest though. The kids also had a great time: talking to people telling them “my Mum made it, it’s ours” or holding up the price tag so people could see. They were genuinely excited… And of course it was really nice getting such great feedback. I managed to gain enough interest for a couple of custom pieces, we’ll see if they come to fruition.

My first market stall

My Mum, Dad and Stepdad and also a good friend all ventured down to visit, so the support and encouragement was fantastic. Let’s hope the market thing continues and I figure out ways to make things happen quicker and cheaper!!! đŸ˜‰

Anyway, Canberra is hot and dry and we are nearing stage 4 water restrictions which means pretty much no watering outside. I have started bucketing the kids’ bath water into pots on the deck and front porch. I can see it will be a long summer…


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