Dickson Pool Mosaic

Here is a mosaic made by the Majura Women’s Group back in 2000, I believe. It sits on the wall in front of the pool’s building and you can’t miss it really.

It’s made entirely of ceramic and I’d say measures approximately 2m across by perhaps 1.5 high? I know it was funded by ArtsACT. I recently met a man at the markets where I sell some work who was one of the few guys installing it. I guess it was made directly onto the substrate and grouted before hauling it up onto the brick!!! Needless to say it was backbreaking work installing it… I think he said they needed 6 men to do it. Strange way to do it… I feel sorry for those men! Still it looks good 🙂

Dickson Pool Mosaic

I’m not sure if there is a story behind it or if it was just made because… Sorry folks!



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2 responses to “Dickson Pool Mosaic

  1. mensah stephen

    i lov this wrk piece n am rili inspired, but rili want to know how long it takes to produce such a work

  2. Hi! I am the president of Majura Women’s Group and was just locating some images for our website so it was lovely to come across this by you. The mosaic creation was before my time so hearing about the installation was interesting. As the group meets weekly the work would have been created onsite by the members at the time at the Downer community centre which is why it wasn’t created onsite. I do know that the story behind the mosaic was to create the theme of women passing down shared knowledge through coming together in our group be that parenting, skills, or our own personal stories.
    It really is a beautiful piece of work and I know it contributed to me seeking out this beautiful group. Thanks for sharing it.

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