I have been mosaicing since mid 2005, after inadvertently falling into it. Having tiled our deck with slate (50 square metres was no mean feat), I made what ended up being a mosaic installation for my Dad out of broken pieces of slate. That was when I realised mosaic is not necessarily as easy as it looks…

After that I headed to the bookstore to look for a book on beading, but found a mosaic book instead. I was instantly addicted! Finally I found my medium! A good friend and I got together once a week with all of our kids – let them go feral while we mosaiced, chatted and solved the world’s problems. It was great fun and a great outlet for us as mothers.

It was at the end of 2006 that I thought I could start to take my mosaics more seriously and started selling some work. My first exhibition was in Sydney, as part of a group show. I also started selling locally through the Old Bus Depot Markets and a gallery, both of which are situated in Canberra, Australia. That has since grown into a business that involves creating custom art on commission, teaching mosaics, facilitating community projects and selling supplies. I feel very grateful that I am afforded this opportunity and count my lucky stars every day!

What continues to amaze me is that every mosaic artist I have ever come across has that same sense of passion for the medium: yes we are all suffering from OCMD (Obsessive Compulsive Mosaic Disorder) for which there is no known cure but to mosaic more. Initially immersing myself in parts of the international mosaic community early on, I found it so exciting and inspiring that I begun to write about the artist behind the work. There were too many questions I needed answered. That’s when the Artist Watch Series was born. I hope you find reading about these truly amazing people as heartwarming as I have getting to know them… Many of these talented artists have now become close friends.

Finished pieces of my mosaic can be viewed online at my website and I do document most of my projects here on this blog.

Hope you enjoy!


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  2. Rocio Flores

    I found your website through flickr and your flickr because I was looking on the web for mosaic designs of mermaids. You’re probably going to think this is weird… But I’ll be straight with you. I live in Mexico; I have been building a house for the last 3 years, and have been looking for a design for a wall of my house. I instantly fell in love with your designs. So, here it goes! I am inviting you to my house here in Mexico so you can create a mural on my wall, I live in a beautiful place small town not touristy at all, I could take you around feed you and show you a good time. You just have to show up and create a mural! You could take some time off have a small vacation; I’ll take you to the beach and different towns. I live in Ciudad Guzman, A small town south of Guadalajara southwest of Puerto Vallarta. Does this sound crazy..? Probably, but I had to ask so there! Let me know if you are interested and what would it take for you to come to Mexico.

    Rocio Flores

    My number is 877 301 6893 (you dial like U.S. number)

  3. Kim

    Hi Janet,

    Helen and I actually know of each other. We have a mutual friend and are both keen to meet. It will happen! I love Helen’s work. Thanks for stopping by…

  4. Janet

    looking at your blog- (love it) notice you checked out the mosaic at Florey Primary. If you haven’t looked up the creator yet, you must. she is an amaazing quilter called Helen Godden. Google her- she’s incredible.

    love your work!!!

  5. Carol

    So nice to read and know you a lil’ better… even if only 1 % more! I am just stunned that you just started a couple of years ago, you have quickly become a real pro. I can’t wait to see what you create after CA!


  6. Kim

    Hey Ulrike!
    I’m so sorry you’re having a hard time reading the text 😦 Glad you stopped in though. Always good to hear from you!

  7. Ulrike Martinez

    Forgot, I love the pictures.

  8. Ulrike Martinez

    Hi Kim,
    You started almost the same way i did, I love your Blog, except I can not read it, the black is not to good for older people, I love it myself just can’t read. So if there is a booboo in it forgive but I am riding blind.

  9. After much consideration I deleted a comment here selling mosaic tiles etc… Sorry William. I hope you don’t take offense. I decided long ago that I woulld not endorse any particular company’s product (especially whilst I don’t get paid), though I do mention what I like using. I wish you all the best in your mosaic adventures be it creating or making a business out of it, but I’m not going to allow any form of advertising on it.
    Best Wishes.

  10. Hi Marianne!
    So glad you’re here. I’m very happy that you’re feeling inspired and hope that your business gets going soon. If you ever do go digital, would love to see some work 🙂

  11. marianne mckendry

    Hello, I am taking baby steps into the world of mosaics and am not a true mosaicist but am aspiring to be. I have a registered business name and couldn’t believe my luck at locating your site … you inspire !!!! I am in the process of becoming. I do things in a broader stroke but virtually have little to go on no computer or digital camera at home but have the will…. God speed and many blessings M2

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