Sex Park on Cheju Island, Korea

Now let this be a warning to those of you who are easily offended by the human anatomy and/or sex! If you are and you have NO sense of humour, stop reading this post, don’t scroll down to look at the pictures and don’t comment about how offended you are. You’ve been warned 😉 I’m sure I’ll get all kinds of hits from people plugging things into their search engine and getting here, lol! Not quite what you’re expecting either?!

On the island off the Korean peninsular known as Cheju Island there is a park whose theme is sex. It is, in my opinion, utterly fascinating that there can be an entire park dedicated to this topic without it devolving completely into pornography. I had friends of a friend (really!) who went and took some great photos, but what caught my eye was the large, yes you got it, mosaiced penis!!! 🙂 Too funny. The park is filled with all kinds of sculpture depicting mostly erect penises of some form or another. It must be said, without having been there myself it is a male-centric take on what sex is and is about. From the pics it seems to me more about the man and leaving it at that… I didn’t see any pics of the female genitals standing high and proud! Perhaps to do with the fact that even now, the female role in Korea is as the subordinate? Or maybe just simply because the park was created by men? One can only surmise… It is however all done in humour…

Mosaic Penis
Is that hilarious or what!?!!!

Picture 8.jpg

Men, all shapes and sizes

more mosaic in there, if you look hard!
Pebble mosaic and then more mosaic in the fountain area…


Totem poles

Hmmm... Mosaic in the back... way back over there!
Dome in the background looks to be mosaiced!

Stairway to...
Stairway to…?




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31 responses to “Sex Park on Cheju Island, Korea

  1. roger

    yeah nice place i fuck one girl in there was so hot and excited

  2. Nicky Nicholas

    Well Well ,I’m all blown away!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love too see it.

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  5. Loretta'


    When I visited Cheju-Island, it was very disrespectful to show any sexual affection in public…so I guess things have changed a lot there. Do you know the TKD instructor that taught on the military base there for Americans Mr Hurr ??? I have been looking for him for a long time. I would be greatful for any information on him.

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  8. neniyaswarti

    Can’t they make another artwork? Don,t they think about the effects on young men?

    • Matthew

      Sex shouldn’t be hidden. The best disinfectant is light and the disease is the secrecy instead of celebration of sex. Showing sex leads to discussing it and educating people including young men.

  9. all picture are very funny but i m not agree submit this pictures openly in garden. sex are very openly in Foriegh Country. but India and other asian country find Beutiful sex and not open sex. uropion country are shwoing all world bed (darty)sex. that was not a good thing.

  10. Hello,
    I got recognition from the Brooklyn Museum for my Feminine Art, some of my sculptures have an erotic aspect, and i think that they will go perfect to the park.
    Any idea how can I show my art?
    Thank you,

  11. Nongsha

    Its gr8! but wen i read d makes me sick . some retards jst cannot praise d innovative ideas!

  12. thida

    I strongly agree that the sculptures were made by man and also they, directly or indirectly, represent the role of women in Korean society. It’s also true in some countries that women are just to please men by making men feel like the women enjoy doing sth submissive like this, whick makes the men enjoy the sex more.

  13. MikeHu

    I’ve heard about this place and I’m dying to go. I think is so hilarious that there is a place like this. In fact, I think it’s even funnier that Korea has a place like this. I’ll make sure I visit this place with a person of the opposite sex.

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  15. ennahzus

    im living in seoul now, now i kow where im going the next time i take a trip out side seoul….jeju island sex park …see you around october!!!!

  16. Kim, I never said that play boy is art, you know playboy in Indonesia very different with playboy USA. In Indonesia the models still wear clothes not vulgar. Sex Park in cheju island maybe is art for me, and if playboy office in my country were destroyed because some photos that the moslem (majoritas religion)think it was porno, i just can imagine if there’s park like cheju island in Indonesia.

  17. Kim

    Well… novientjen, my thought on the porn industry are kinda irrelevant here I s’pose… but I have to say that I DO NOT think Playboy is art. Doesn’t come close in fact.

  18. novientjen

    he he he I have never seen such park like that in Indonesia. If there is park like that I’m sure it will destroyed by Front Pembela Islam…. or moslem fanatics. They will said Haram, Porno, Najis or something like that.I think they never understand about art.They already destroyed Playboy magazine office at Jakarta because only some photo by Indonesia Models that they thougt it was porno. Can you imagine if there is park like Che Ju island in Indonesia?

  19. Kim

    Hey Bri! SO ggod to see you here…

    LMAO Coco!! Yeah I’m sure that’s what all the better halves are saying!!! *Groan* NO!!!! no more… 😉

    Hi Suha, welcome.

  20. hey! its love land!

    my husband says oh great mosaic prono!

  21. Now that’s something! If I have a bad mood I will immediately go to this page, it makes me smile!

  22. Kim

    Lol!!! Would love to see your sculpture ideas hhb 😉
    Jackie, hmmm… men are just fixated on their dongs, I’m convinced! It’s like the ego has a direct link…

  23. Oh, this made me smile this morning. Now, I’ve been looking for some inspiration to make a mosaic garden sculpture…..hmmmmm;)

  24. this is amazing! i love it for the mere fact that it is allowed to exist… i just can’t imagine something like this in the good ole u.s. of a. the fixation on penises is interesting…

    can’t help but wonder … do you think they are maybe compensating for something? hmm…

  25. Kim

    You lived in Seoul Gila? What doing!? See people are so fascinating! Can’t wait to do a post about you 🙂
    Isn’t this a classic!? I so have to go there some day… Need the background info on it.

  26. HYSTERICAL!!!!
    Wish I had known about this during the 4 months I lived in Soeul. Never saw ANYTHING near that interesting there!

  27. Lin Schorr

    You’re kidding me!….BWAAAAAA HAHAHAHAH!
    The urinals are too funny.

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