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Mosaic in Film: Vicky Christina Barcelona

I have to say I’m not a big Woody Allen fan, but I quite enjoyed this film – an interesting look at love I suppose, without all the happily-ever-after necessarily. Set in Barcelona, so of course Parc Guell and some of the gorgeous mosaics are featured… Will get there some day soon again. Am plotting my mosaic-world trip 🙂 Anyway, good movie but easy a DVD one.


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Mosaic Time Walk – Centennial Park at Cooma

Cooma is the major town of the Snowy Mountains region of NSW, Australia and one of the state’s many “gold rush” towns. A hundred years after the Cooma Township was settled by Europeans in 1849, it became the headquarters for the huge Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme. Its historic Avenue of Flags beside the Mosaic Walk represents the people of those 27 nations who came to the Snowies to help build one of Australia’s greatest feats in engineering.

The Time Walk is a unique presentation of the history of the Monaro District, re-created in 40 ceramic mosaics which were constructed to commemorate Australia’s Bicentenary in 1988.

The events represented in the mosaics are:

  • Monaro aboriginals
  • the discovery of the Monaro by European settlers
  • the early squatters
  • law and order
  • Mount Kosciuszko
  • Inns and accommodation
  • religion
  • health services
  • mining
  • business
  • transport
  • Nimmitabel
  • education
  • bush rangers
  • building
  • forestry
  • sheep
  • wool
  • cattle
  • snow sports
  • Dalgety-Berridale
  • mountain horses
  • Wragg’s observatory
  • pastoral & agricultural
  • trout fishing
  • Adaminaby
  • Jindabyne
  • local government
  • Snowy River march
  • mountain life style
  • communications
  • Michelago/Bredbo
  • armed services
  • tourism
  • Kosciuszko National Park
  • Snowy Mountains Scheme
  • pioneer women and other organisations.

The mosaics were created by local artist Chris Graham and students at the local TAFE College in 1988 (Australia’s Bicentennial Year).

The Centennial Park is located at the corner of Sharp & Bombala Streets in Cooma, NSW.

For more pics on these mosaics (can’t show them all here as there are so many!!!) check out my Cooma Mosaics Set on Flickr.

Dalgety Berridale

Trout Fishing

Snow Sports

Bushrangers & Building

Kosciusko National Park

Aboriginals & Discovery


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Brisbane’s South Bank Parkland Mosaics

Back to something a little more local(ish), heading up to Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. I had family visit well over a year ago and they came back with some pictures of these mosaics for me. They are located in the South Bank Parklands and are installed into a the footpath known as the Clem Jones Promenade.

At this point all I know about it is that it is a commemoration to Clem Jones AO “who provided the vision and direction to acquire South Bank Riverside Land on behalf of the people of Brisbane.” Clem Jones was the Lord Mayor of Brisbane for 14 years. Not 100% sure but as I understand the Parklands are privately owned and obviously somewhat of a major attraction.

I have made enquiries about who the artist is, but have not yet heard anything… Will update when and if I find out.

The mosaics appear to be made from unglazed porcelain and if memory serves me well are a metre square. Hopefully the visitor’s centre will know more about it (!). Can you believe noone knows? Tried the city council, the general tourist centre, the Parkland’s tourist centre… Noone knows!!! One would think that a HUGE plaque stating the name of the artist is just a given. I know I’d want my name on any public art installation I went to the effort to create.

Anyway, enjoy…

Clown Mosaic

Fruit Bowl Mosaic

Water Lily Mosaic

Dancing Girls Mosaic

Kite Flying Mosaic

Butterfly (?) Mosaic

Clem Jones AO Mosaic Commemoration

Beach Buddies Mosaic

Acrobats Mosaic

Bird of Paradise Mosaic

Seafood Dinner Mosaic

Eastern Rosella Mosaic


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Disneyland Mosaics

While in CA, we took the kids to Disneyland. Their first time and my 1st time as a parent… It’s an odd place I tells ya. I had a load of fun, but it’s an odd place! Of course what I did notice all over everywhere were the mosaics. In Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure Park and Downtown Disney. See?! It is an odd place. It’s like a city all it’s own! I was rather taken aback at the money spinner that it is. Here we are with global poverty, shortages on basic foods and then here in the West there’s Disneyland, where I don’t know how many tens of thousands of dollars get turned over in a day. Kinda crazy. But that’s not the point of this post… “The Happiest Place on Earth”, perhaps. But something about that slogan makes me feel uneasy. I have to say thank goodness the ride known as “It’s a Small World After All” was closed for construction. That ride is trippy! Don’t know if I could have done that one all over again… lol!

It was pretty awe inspiring just how much detail in everything there is. First of all it’s really clean. I mean like really clean. People that worked there were friendly. Everything just ran really well. The amount of organisation that must go into creating and maintaining something like that is, in itself, quite remarkable. And to top it all off, every night they had fireworks that far surpass the New Year’s Fireworks we get here!!! Every night! Certainly alot of fun to be had. We went with extended family, and it’s definitely a lot more enjoyable in a large group 🙂 Makes all that waiting around doable…

There were some beautiful mosaics. I have no idea who made any of them so this post will just be a bit of a visual feast. Plenty more in my Disney Mosaics Flickr set… There are some hardcore families who seem to go a lot. I don’t know if that’s me, in fact I know it’s not!!! By the third day (of all of us looking out for 6 young kids) I was holding L’s hand and suddenly looked around, panicked, blood drained from my face and I screamed out “Where’s L!!!?”. I knew it was time to leave. 😉

Waterlily Fountain

Something Silver Mosaic
Such a perfect use of mirror!!! This mosaic quite literally sparkled…

Naples Pizza Mosaic Floor
The floor entrance to Naples Pizza, in Downtown Disney.

Sunflower Fountain
Detail shot of the Sunflower Fountain at the entrance of Disneyland.

Mosaic Benches

Sun Fountain

Catalina Casino Mosaic

Disney Mosaic

Disney Mosaic

Disney Mosaic - floor detail

Disney's California Adventure Park Mosaic Mural

Disney's California Adventure Park Mosaic Mural
Gorgeous hand made tiles it seems… This mountainous mural flanked both sides of the entrance to Disney’s CA Adventure Park. It depicted everything that CA is famous for… Really a fantastic mural!

Aladdin's Mosaic
The mosaic on the floor to Aladdin’s theatre in Disneyland. Didn’t go in to see the performance but this mosaic certainly caught my eye…

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Sex Park on Cheju Island, Korea

Now let this be a warning to those of you who are easily offended by the human anatomy and/or sex! If you are and you have NO sense of humour, stop reading this post, don’t scroll down to look at the pictures and don’t comment about how offended you are. You’ve been warned 😉 I’m sure I’ll get all kinds of hits from people plugging things into their search engine and getting here, lol! Not quite what you’re expecting either?!

On the island off the Korean peninsular known as Cheju Island there is a park whose theme is sex. It is, in my opinion, utterly fascinating that there can be an entire park dedicated to this topic without it devolving completely into pornography. I had friends of a friend (really!) who went and took some great photos, but what caught my eye was the large, yes you got it, mosaiced penis!!! 🙂 Too funny. The park is filled with all kinds of sculpture depicting mostly erect penises of some form or another. It must be said, without having been there myself it is a male-centric take on what sex is and is about. From the pics it seems to me more about the man and leaving it at that… I didn’t see any pics of the female genitals standing high and proud! Perhaps to do with the fact that even now, the female role in Korea is as the subordinate? Or maybe just simply because the park was created by men? One can only surmise… It is however all done in humour…

Mosaic Penis
Is that hilarious or what!?!!!

Picture 8.jpg

Men, all shapes and sizes

more mosaic in there, if you look hard!
Pebble mosaic and then more mosaic in the fountain area…


Totem poles

Hmmm... Mosaic in the back... way back over there!
Dome in the background looks to be mosaiced!

Stairway to...
Stairway to…?



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