Ballet Pointes and Sir Elton WIPs

So I have a couple projects on the go right now. Sir Elton is coming along faster than I originally thought he would, so that is great! I’m almost done with his tail, then it will be filling in his body and flying to his new owners…

Sir Elton coming along

Decided the other day to try and finish off the pointes I got last year… before I leave to go OS next week!!! I thought they’d go fairly quickly since they are relatively small pointes, but they are super fiddly!!! I got them mostly ready last year and filled them with that expandable foam just the other day. That stuff is hilarious!!! Check it out…

Ballet shoe WIP

Seriously expands like a mofo!!! LOL!!! Anyway, nothing a knife can’t fix 😉 What is really daft is the fact that the company don’t sell the attachments for the spray foam separately. So unless you have acetone laying around the house (no I don’t!!!) it renders the little attachment completely useless. What a waste! Must ring the company to suggest selling these, and suggest sending me a box for such a great suggestion… 😉

Anyway, after a day’s work this is as far as I got. Quite fiddly as I’m using very small pieces, but also the angles are all screwy and from a design perspective it’s alot more complex laying the tile than I expected it to be. I’m trying to not leave huge gaps (especially where the tess meet at an angle). Hopefully I get it right. Lots to add still… this is only the beginning. I have diamante thread that will go around the top… so far happy with it. It’s been a challenge… and I certainly have needed it.

Ballet Pointes WIP

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One response to “Ballet Pointes and Sir Elton WIPs

  1. who are the points for? They are lovely.

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