Brisbane’s South Bank Parkland Mosaics

Back to something a little more local(ish), heading up to Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. I had family visit well over a year ago and they came back with some pictures of these mosaics for me. They are located in the South Bank Parklands and are installed into a the footpath known as the Clem Jones Promenade.

At this point all I know about it is that it is a commemoration to Clem Jones AO “who provided the vision and direction to acquire South Bank Riverside Land on behalf of the people of Brisbane.” Clem Jones was the Lord Mayor of Brisbane for 14 years. Not 100% sure but as I understand the Parklands are privately owned and obviously somewhat of a major attraction.

I have made enquiries about who the artist is, but have not yet heard anything… Will update when and if I find out.

The mosaics appear to be made from unglazed porcelain and if memory serves me well are a metre square. Hopefully the visitor’s centre will know more about it (!). Can you believe noone knows? Tried the city council, the general tourist centre, the Parkland’s tourist centre… Noone knows!!! One would think that a HUGE plaque stating the name of the artist is just a given. I know I’d want my name on any public art installation I went to the effort to create.

Anyway, enjoy…

Clown Mosaic

Fruit Bowl Mosaic

Water Lily Mosaic

Dancing Girls Mosaic

Kite Flying Mosaic

Butterfly (?) Mosaic

Clem Jones AO Mosaic Commemoration

Beach Buddies Mosaic

Acrobats Mosaic

Bird of Paradise Mosaic

Seafood Dinner Mosaic

Eastern Rosella Mosaic



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7 responses to “Brisbane’s South Bank Parkland Mosaics

  1. Allie0

    the mosaics were made by a team of artists – Artbusters Inc.

  2. Hi, Artbusters created the mosaic panels for the Southbank boardwalk. They went “bust” maybe 12 years ago. I can help you if you would like some mosaic artworks created.
    Rebecca Wilkie

    • Hi Kim,
      Artbusters is a very commercially minded business that creates artworks of all types. They have a number of artisans create the works and these mosaics were probably worked on by a variety of people. That’s why the artworks are never individually signed.The mosaics were not privately funded, all done through the Southbank corporation and specified by their lead architecture firm at the time.

  3. Karen Kobylus

    I don’t find it at all strange that you couldn’t find anyone who knew about the mosaics. Most people just aren’t curious about such things. Maybe the city’s public arts commission has info if they were involved. Even if the mosaics were privately funded and given as a gift to the city, they may have info.

    Anyway, I’m glad I surfed over here from Flicker to see the whole set. They are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them!

  4. Ulrike Martinez

    You know that’s how the city-fathers are, they probably hardly paid the artist anything and kept most of the grant for them self so they don’t have to say who the artist is, it really suck…..
    Those are wonderful pieces and a lot of work, we in P.S. have to have stars of the stars on the ground, copy cats, there is hardly any good public art work here in the desert, pardon me, but i do not call my fellow Palm Stringer’s civilized.
    I have seen such beautiful Art-work in Australia and then most American’s call you guy’s down under, in a bad way.
    You know I am thinking if I should post this, cause oh well

  5. Kim These Mosaics are a great artistic pathway. I do love art on the ground!

    Sad that no one knows who made them…wow.

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