Australian Parliament House Mosaic Forecourt

Sil0009362a_1, originally uploaded by d70dug.

I’ve had to use another Flickr member’s photo here because they have this mosaic now fenced off and I couldn’t get close enough for any kind of detail, and it doesn’t appear to get de-fenced any time soon! It was rather disappointing really that they are not allowing people on to the mosaic like usual. Apparently it is due to the water restrictions and the water feature is therefore out of commission. Hmph, I say! Anyone noticed how green and lush the lawns are?!

Be that as it may 😉 this mosaic was designed by a renowned indigenous artist, Michael Nelson Jagamarra, back in 1988. It uses all natural stone and really is amazing.

It certainly hasn’t been without it’s political drama – I try not to be political here, but sometimes that is just not possible and frankly given the way our current government operates, it comes as no surprise. Jagamarra has stated:

The Government does not respect my painting or my people. I want to take my painting back to my people. If the government does not listen to Aboriginal people then we will all take the painting home.

Excerpt from Central Land Council.


The shot I got of the whole mosaic looking down onto Old Parliament House and the War Memorial.


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