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Mid year already?!

How can it be?! The trees are already blossoming, it *almost* feels like the chill may be dissipating – though Winter will come back with a vengeance to be sure. It is August after all. Yay! I made it through July. My least favourite month in Canberra…

Sometimes I feel like the world is moving around me in fast motion – everyone so busy going here, going there. It’s nice to not feel like I need to participate in all that. Just sit back and watch, potter around in my garden, so to speak. Things are blossoming in my metaphorical garden, but I admit to sometimes wishing I had more time. I’d like more time to read. I’d like more time to devote to my other hobbies: crochet, roller derby and more recently raising chickens. I’d like more time to spend with my kids. Sometimes I feel cheated that I can’t spend more time with them – that’s probably been the harshest wound that divorce brings. By the same token, it is also a gift in that we cherish our time together.

The last year or so has also brought many lessons both good and challenging. Lessons are always a gift, even if hard to swallow. What it meant was that I didn’t create as much as I had planned. Not even sure that I had planned much. I still, however, feel that procrastination is in fact a good thing. There’s a lot that is happening in the quagmire of one’s brain whilst playing in a different stomping ground and I’ve learned to embrace it. Through embracing it, I feel like I am more confident in certain areas of what I do and so now I allow myself the time I need to process, even if subconsciously.

So… what have I created? It feels like not much, but I’m not sure that’s all true or important! There’s a lot going on in my brain and I’m no longer rushing to get it all done. I have time. I have plenty of it as it turns out…

What I have started to do is make my own projects a priority. I finally got some concrete poured and created a floor mosaic. So it’s not finished… yet! But I’m almost there. Literally less than a square foot left to do! Part of it lies on the floor in my living room at present. I look at it, and look at it some more. And while I look at it and work away on this, I’m thinking about my other projects.

The community project for the Queanbeyan Council is going well. We’ve entered stage 2 of the project. Two more groups will begin tomorrow to fabricate their mosaics. It’s pretty exciting! I went past the other day and saw that the Queanbeyan High School’s three panels have been installed. The morning we were meant to do it was too cold, so I never saw them get adhered to the seating… The themes explored are Youth, Education and Sports respectively: –


I recently learned that I have had some of my work published in a book. I havn’t yet seen the book, but lots of great artists in there and I’m very stoked I got in!!

Lastly, I am still teaching. I’ve made a few changes but for now am keeping with the classes I have always offered. Registrations for all mosaic classes are on my website. This semester they include the basic mosaic classes as well as a Mosaics on Mesh class and a glass class (Patterns & Shapes: Push-in Technique). Next year will see at least one or two new classes which I’m quite excited about. It’ll also be nice to teach some new things!!

Anyhoo! I’m off to tend to my garden…



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Immortalising Childrens’ Art

My 5 year old was playing with sidewalk chalk last weekend on a (very large) stepping stone at the bottom of the stairs of our deck. She drew one of her loveflies, which I adore. I’ve been planning a mosaic rug on this particular substrate and after seeing her gorgeous lovefly, decided to mosaic it instead. It was supposed to be something we did together, however her response to this was “Oh, it’s OK Mum you can do it” 😉

Can I say I love immortalising childrens’ art? What better way to do so than with mosaic!? 😀




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Brisbane’s South Bank Parkland Mosaics

Back to something a little more local(ish), heading up to Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. I had family visit well over a year ago and they came back with some pictures of these mosaics for me. They are located in the South Bank Parklands and are installed into a the footpath known as the Clem Jones Promenade.

At this point all I know about it is that it is a commemoration to Clem Jones AO “who provided the vision and direction to acquire South Bank Riverside Land on behalf of the people of Brisbane.” Clem Jones was the Lord Mayor of Brisbane for 14 years. Not 100% sure but as I understand the Parklands are privately owned and obviously somewhat of a major attraction.

I have made enquiries about who the artist is, but have not yet heard anything… Will update when and if I find out.

The mosaics appear to be made from unglazed porcelain and if memory serves me well are a metre square. Hopefully the visitor’s centre will know more about it (!). Can you believe noone knows? Tried the city council, the general tourist centre, the Parkland’s tourist centre… Noone knows!!! One would think that a HUGE plaque stating the name of the artist is just a given. I know I’d want my name on any public art installation I went to the effort to create.

Anyway, enjoy…

Clown Mosaic

Fruit Bowl Mosaic

Water Lily Mosaic

Dancing Girls Mosaic

Kite Flying Mosaic

Butterfly (?) Mosaic

Clem Jones AO Mosaic Commemoration

Beach Buddies Mosaic

Acrobats Mosaic

Bird of Paradise Mosaic

Seafood Dinner Mosaic

Eastern Rosella Mosaic


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Mosaics in New Zealand

One of my friends went to NZ late last year for a family holiday and came back with all these pictures of some gorgeous mosaics. I love that! So many of my friends notice mosaics now 🙂

Unfortunately, don’t know anything about these installations. They appear to be made from ceramic and the ones on the ground can be found in a town called Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty. The toilet block can be found in Colville. Amazed that anyone would be bothered to make such a mural on a toilet block. It’s rather refreshing…

Anyone know anything about it, please let me know!

Mosaic Pavement

Mosaic Pavement

Mosaic Pavement

Mosaic Pavement

Mosaic Pavement

Toilet Block Mosaic

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Mosaic in Film: Spiderman 3

Time for a new series I think… I’ve been wanting to start this for a while actually as it’s merging two of my passions, that is mosaic (if you havn’t already guessed) and films. The two are a complete escape from the real world for me and I’ve always loved the movies!!!

Unfortunately I don’t get out to see one as often as I used to, though that is starting to change a little. I’m not as picky about the films I’ll watch either 😉 Spiderman 3 I watched on the big screen whenever it was out – long time ago now. (Yes, folks I really paid to go see this movie in the theatre!!!). Well for a bit of a fluff movie (aka a no brainer) I enjoyed it. But what I noticed was the mosaic (the highlight for me, lol!). In the scene when Emo-Spiderman is seeing the light about his emo-ways and starts to rip off the black, Eddie is downstairs praying to God to kill Peter (that’s really the story!). I noticed the tile work in the church and thought to myself “hmm, interesting”. Then the bell is hollering and the black comes off Spidey only to land on Eddie down below… who is standing on top of a large mosaic installation 🙂

I have no idea who designed this set… but it was a nice detail.

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Disneyland Mosaics

While in CA, we took the kids to Disneyland. Their first time and my 1st time as a parent… It’s an odd place I tells ya. I had a load of fun, but it’s an odd place! Of course what I did notice all over everywhere were the mosaics. In Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure Park and Downtown Disney. See?! It is an odd place. It’s like a city all it’s own! I was rather taken aback at the money spinner that it is. Here we are with global poverty, shortages on basic foods and then here in the West there’s Disneyland, where I don’t know how many tens of thousands of dollars get turned over in a day. Kinda crazy. But that’s not the point of this post… “The Happiest Place on Earth”, perhaps. But something about that slogan makes me feel uneasy. I have to say thank goodness the ride known as “It’s a Small World After All” was closed for construction. That ride is trippy! Don’t know if I could have done that one all over again… lol!

It was pretty awe inspiring just how much detail in everything there is. First of all it’s really clean. I mean like really clean. People that worked there were friendly. Everything just ran really well. The amount of organisation that must go into creating and maintaining something like that is, in itself, quite remarkable. And to top it all off, every night they had fireworks that far surpass the New Year’s Fireworks we get here!!! Every night! Certainly alot of fun to be had. We went with extended family, and it’s definitely a lot more enjoyable in a large group 🙂 Makes all that waiting around doable…

There were some beautiful mosaics. I have no idea who made any of them so this post will just be a bit of a visual feast. Plenty more in my Disney Mosaics Flickr set… There are some hardcore families who seem to go a lot. I don’t know if that’s me, in fact I know it’s not!!! By the third day (of all of us looking out for 6 young kids) I was holding L’s hand and suddenly looked around, panicked, blood drained from my face and I screamed out “Where’s L!!!?”. I knew it was time to leave. 😉

Waterlily Fountain

Something Silver Mosaic
Such a perfect use of mirror!!! This mosaic quite literally sparkled…

Naples Pizza Mosaic Floor
The floor entrance to Naples Pizza, in Downtown Disney.

Sunflower Fountain
Detail shot of the Sunflower Fountain at the entrance of Disneyland.

Mosaic Benches

Sun Fountain

Catalina Casino Mosaic

Disney Mosaic

Disney Mosaic

Disney Mosaic - floor detail

Disney's California Adventure Park Mosaic Mural

Disney's California Adventure Park Mosaic Mural
Gorgeous hand made tiles it seems… This mountainous mural flanked both sides of the entrance to Disney’s CA Adventure Park. It depicted everything that CA is famous for… Really a fantastic mural!

Aladdin's Mosaic
The mosaic on the floor to Aladdin’s theatre in Disneyland. Didn’t go in to see the performance but this mosaic certainly caught my eye…

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Celestial Horizon – a mosaic floor installation

I’ve just returned from a fantastic trip to Melbourne, visiting my sis and her new baby. A little while ago, my plan was to make a mosaic for her on a deck that her hubby built. Time passed and I never got around to doing it… As it was the first trip down there in 2 years for me, I decided what the heck, might aswell just do it! Now or never… So I grabbed some mesh, some tools and some tile the night before and had a great holiday, just me and the kids 🙂

I managed to get the entire installation done in about 3 days… if you add up all the hours spent. The mosaic feature itself took 5 days, working on it at nights and then the installation took another day, then one more grouting. So all in all I was a Mo-machine! I deviated slightly from my more usual anal self – smashed the tile as opposed to cutting it, though some of it was cut. We went to the hardware store for some extra colours and anything else I didn’t bring and I set about getting it done.

I was very pleased with it, given the time pressure. Stayed on for one more day just to get the grouting done because we had a lazy day on Monday… took the kids to watch a movie, I went shopping at IKEA – again, lol!

Anyway, the idea to make a feature surrounded with tile that they already had, was made some time ago. I liked the idea of a circle. We decided on the extra swirl off of the main circle at the time. I wanted it to have a bit of a retro feel too. I don’t know if I necessarily achieved it, but am certainly happy with the outcome nonetheless. This has been another project where it just took on a life of its own. I really like working like this and actually work better… It always ends up much more interesting. My sis is also an incredible artist, so I was trying to prod her out of breastfeeding stares and get her to give me some of her ideas too, something that she’d like to see every morning… 😉 We mothers all know how much mothering is artistically draining…

The deck itself was made from cement sheeting with a waterproofing membrane rolled on. All I had to do was clean it. The pre-existing tile was charcoal and I think were some kind of roofing tile. 8mm thick, so quite thick and some kind of textured, unglazed ceramic. I think I am swearing off that stuff. I hate grouting it and every time I have used it, I’m always swearing at it! Vinegar to the rescue once again… The grout haze on that stuff is awful!

Anyway, because the tile was so thick I had to lay a fairly thick adhesive bed down for the mosaic feature. Also had to pop off all the glass gems so they wouldn’t get lost once grouted and so that you couldn’t see the mesh underneath. Not very attractive! This project is my first mesh project and actually my first intentional at least mosaic floor installation. The mesh is a great way to work! Will do lots more with it in the future. Goodness knows I have a whole heap because I bought a whole roll of it last year. The stuff is soooo much more expensive in Australia. Yes, I’m whingeing about the large cost differences between the exact same materials that are available in places like the US. Since everyone kept telling me when the Aussie dollar was not so crash hot that it was due to the currency conversion, now that the US dollar has taken a serious nosedive (thankyou Mr Bush) I wonder why it is that everything here still remains to be inexhaustibly dear!? I believe it’s due to 3 party mongering… Anyway, I found a supplier in Sydney who gave me a good deal and she’s lovely to boot!!!

Back to the mosaic… So yes, stayed down there for just under 2 weeks and manged to get the mosaic completely finished by the 9th day. I think I’ve worked on picture frames that took me longer than that!!! lol…

As for the name for some reason “H” kept throwing itself at me. Horizon it was since there are many definitions of the word that I liked, in particular “the limit of a person’s mental perception“.

If you’re interested in seeing more WIP pics, then please check out my Flickr site.

Day 1
In the beginning, I just drew a very vague pic. You can see that by the end of it, it changed a fair bit.

Day 2

Adding the main swirl vine because I am such a Swirl Ho after all 🙂Day 5
Ready for installation!

Tiles for the background
Dirty tile for the background. This was a redback spider farm!!!


Celestial Horizon Done #1
And after!!!! Yay 🙂 I’m happy because my Sis and her Hubby are happy with it. It’s always nice to give that to someone else. They’ve still got a lot of work to do on their home, and they’ve already done sooooo much – seriously it’s unbelievable. They’re also doing it all themselves and live on a really steep incline. So my hat goes off to them both for getting it all done while also having a family. It’s no easy quest.

Celestial Horizon

The entire deck measures 1.85m x 3.65m or 6′ x 12′.


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