Recently the Fam and I took my Dad out to dinner, which actually we often do (dinner that is!). Our usual Indian haunt is Taj Agra in Dickson where they have these gorgeous Indian textiles hanging. Well, that night I saw them in a very different light – that of a mosaic one 😉  So here is my interpretation of it.


This is the piece pre-grouted.


Grouting is always so touch and go for me. I love it in the sense that it can make or break a piece. Colour choices are so huge now, well actually not really. It’s all a variation on a few colours I suppose! But the wrong grout colour can literally ruin a piece (in my opinion). I find that I love to grout for the reason that it’s the finishing touch on a piece and there is much you can do with grout to add  detail to the work, but I could forget the clean up any day! That’s where a mud slut would come in handy 😉 Having said that I’m also too finnicky for detail that I’d want to do it myself anyway.


When I did the workshop at IMA in Oakland, one invaluable tip I learned was spreading grout on with a cellulose sponge. I still use my fingers most of all, but on large scale work and flat pieces it’s awesome! The other tip was using cotton gloves to polish a piece. How fantastic is that! I can’t believe I never really thought of it. It allows you to use your hands as tools, essentially. And you’re also not using too much water to sponge down the mosaic which can cause the grout to “sink”.

Anyway, here is the finished mosaic I named “Kashmir”:




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4 responses to “Kashmir

  1. No worries Sigal, and thankyou for looking 😉

  2. Sigal

    It’s a lovely piece – I love it.
    And grouting is indeed a kind of miracle…
    Thanks for the sponge tip…

  3. Oh Thanks! I have had alot of interest in this one at the last markets I did – pretty hilarious! One woman who’d just finished a beginner course with Sandy Robertson (well known mosaic artist in Brisbane) kept coming back and asking about all the diiferent types of glass. She was pretty funny, and it’s always flattering when people comment on my work… I guess she hadn’t used too much glass before and I get alot of stuff in the US that you don’t find here. 🙂

  4. i love this one- something about it is really reminiscent of a warm, colourful textile…

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