Green and Golden Bell Frog @ Sydney Airport

Mosaic Frog installation, Sydney Airport    Mosaic Frog installation, Sydney Airport - Detail    Mosaic Frog installation, Sydney Airport - Rear View

On our way to the US I remembered this huge installation at Sydney International Terminal – how can you miss it!!! It’s all stained glass and I’m not sure who designed or installed it, though it was finished in 2000 to coincide with the Sydney Olympics. I found this in the Draft Recovery Plan for Green and Golden Bell Frog Litoria Aurea on page 17 by the Department of Environment and Conservation (NSW):

“…The controversy surrounding its discovery at the Olympic site at Homebush Bay, along with the extensive efforts to create/enhance new habitat in the face of such major development and so ensure its survival there, brought it wide attention and at one time it was mooted as an Olympic mascot. It has featured in annual reports of organisations such as Taronga Zoo, the RTA, OCA/SOPA and even industrial companies like INCITEC. This culminated in 2000 with the installation of a large tiled GGBF sculpture at Kingsford Smith Airport, Australia’s main international gateway. Consequently the Green and Golden Bell has an extremely high public profile and, as a result, is an iconic species for threatened frogs and other threatened species generally.”

Other than that anyone out there who knows who the artists involved were? I have contacted Sydney Airport on several occasions, and so far no luck!

What amazes me about this is that it has moved around to diffferent locations in the airport. It’s a beast of a thing, so I don’t know how they move it around…  Which goes back to my inquiry of who made it and what from?


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5 responses to “Green and Golden Bell Frog @ Sydney Airport

  1. Hi!
    I just came across this post.
    The Green & Golden bell Frog pictured was made by Steve Rosewell & Vikki Kite, of Sydney’s Studio Kite (they have since moved way up north).
    I just missed out on helping the build, as I was away in NZ at the time helping on Lord of the Rings.

  2. Luna

    Am visiting Sydney now-the frog was removed a couple years ago, sent to another part of Australia-does anyone know where it is now?

  3. melissa

    works for me – but you could try earching the article – Susan Best – Sydney Airport Public art

  4. Finally someone knows 🙂 Thanks for that Melissa. I can’t seem to make the link work though… I’d definitely be interested in reading it. Is the link correct? It seems to be coming up on the snap preview, but not when I click the link… Will keep trying though. Might just be the server (?)

  5. melissa

    Touchstone: Artist Ron Smith, Mosaicist David Edmonds

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