My first attempt at teaching…

Rory’s good mate, Ben, and his little sister, Amy, have been keen on doing a mosaic for a loooong time and finally it happened just the other day. I think they had a good time, although Rory glued one tile on before saying “Uh, Mum? I’m bored of this now!” Haha…

Ben hung in there but I had to make it super-duper fast for him to be able to stick down the tiles because I could see he was getting a little antsy and Amy just went until she was done. They both did a fantastic job, I’ll post after we finish grouting them.

During all this Molly took over Rory’s stepping stone and begun just sticking the broken tiles down. She thought she was pretty good 😉

So that was my first, and hopefully not last, attempt at teaching mosaic to kids. It was fun! Now I know what I’d do differently!


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