The Rex Hotel

The Rex has been home to a mosaic installation since it was built 45 odd years ago. It is located on Northbourne Ave and again, attempts at finding who the artist was has gone nowhere.

The Rex Hotel Mosaic Mural

Rex Mosaic Mural
It is made from vitrified ceramic from what I can tell, although I think there may be some glass in there too. I’ll have to go back some time to have a good squizz.

When the proposal to demolish the hotel was in question, this mural was to stay and building to take place around it. I’ve since found out that the hotel is now staying put and they plan on renovating it.


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2 responses to “The Rex Hotel

  1. Has anyone found iout who was the artist for the Rex Hotel Canberra Mural?

    • Kim

      Hi Simon,
      Still havn’t found out, but I havn’t been particularly proactive about it either… Let me know if you ever find out would you? Cheers!

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