Artists & Copyright

If you are in the Sydney area on Wednesday June 17, I recommend you head on over to Contempo and attend “Art Smart: Learn the legal side of art and design”.

Here is an excerpt:

Contempo and Arts Law will be presenting an evening on intellectual property rights in the world of art. Learn what copyright and design protection is, and how it helps you as an artist.

For more info on this event go to their website. I think I might knock off work early that day and pull an all-nighter drive… If they can pack in even just a little of the information I’d like to know in those 2 hours, it would make it worth driving 7 hours there and back!!



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2 responses to “Artists & Copyright

  1. Kim – I’m going to this. I can report back. If you are coming up and need a place to crash, let me know.

    • Kim

      Thanks Marian!! I’m trying to decide what to do… drive up and down in a night or take the next day off 😉 It’s very tempting…

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