San Francisco Mosaic Murals

I recently put up some pictures of my kids and some of my mosaic on Flickr, primarily for the benefit of friends and family living OS. I started looking at a few public groups and came across one user in San Francisco doing painted and mosaic murals. Well there’s two of my passions in one outfit!!! It was really exciting to see some of my old haunts get brightened up by some awesome murals.

Hoff St Mural by Josef Norris

Hoff St. Mural by Josef Norris

I visited SF last year with my family and did notice so much mosaic, more than I remembered from when I lived there. How inspiring! This is the type of thing that we Canberrans are devoid of. It makes me realise how conservative this town is and so in need of some public art. I long to change it, and it is those thoughts that I now have milling around in my head. Where to start…?

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