Mos-Oz Sydney Exhibition


I took Molly up to Sydney the other day for the opening of my first “real” exhibition. We had a great day in the end and I’m glad we went. I figure it’s all these little adventures that I have with my children that I will reminisce about some day. I think most of it probably went over her head, but she travelled wonderfully! We went to IKEA (of course!) and to the stained glass shop (of course!) and to a playground overlooking the bay. Sydney is just stunning… Molly instantly made friends with some older school girls. Actually she had them wrapped around her little finger! 😉 It was sweet to see that side of her that is separate from me: easily making friends, the ability to stand her own ground (actually she might even be a bit too confident!!!;) ), just the Molly that I don’t always see because I’m her Mum and so therefore…

It was a fairly mad rush up and down, but great to see the other work. I realised how far I still have to go, obviously since I am self taught and fairly new to the medium, but it was very inspiring to see just how creative and original some people’s styles are. Definitely a learning experience which is always good.

We arrived back very late and I stayed up till 4am doing my portfolio for an interview to sell my work at The Old Bus Depot Markets the following morning. Was succesful, so it was worth it.


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