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Mosaic in Film: Spiderman 3

Time for a new series I think… I’ve been wanting to start this for a while actually as it’s merging two of my passions, that is mosaic (if you havn’t already guessed) and films. The two are a complete escape from the real world for me and I’ve always loved the movies!!!

Unfortunately I don’t get out to see one as often as I used to, though that is starting to change a little. I’m not as picky about the films I’ll watch either 😉 Spiderman 3 I watched on the big screen whenever it was out – long time ago now. (Yes, folks I really paid to go see this movie in the theatre!!!). Well for a bit of a fluff movie (aka a no brainer) I enjoyed it. But what I noticed was the mosaic (the highlight for me, lol!). In the scene when Emo-Spiderman is seeing the light about his emo-ways and starts to rip off the black, Eddie is downstairs praying to God to kill Peter (that’s really the story!). I noticed the tile work in the church and thought to myself “hmm, interesting”. Then the bell is hollering and the black comes off Spidey only to land on Eddie down below… who is standing on top of a large mosaic installation 🙂

I have no idea who designed this set… but it was a nice detail.


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