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Brisbane’s South Bank Parkland Mosaics

Back to something a little more local(ish), heading up to Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. I had family visit well over a year ago and they came back with some pictures of these mosaics for me. They are located in the South Bank Parklands and are installed into a the footpath known as the Clem Jones Promenade.

At this point all I know about it is that it is a commemoration to Clem Jones AO “who provided the vision and direction to acquire South Bank Riverside Land on behalf of the people of Brisbane.” Clem Jones was the Lord Mayor of Brisbane for 14 years. Not 100% sure but as I understand the Parklands are privately owned and obviously somewhat of a major attraction.

I have made enquiries about who the artist is, but have not yet heard anything… Will update when and if I find out.

The mosaics appear to be made from unglazed porcelain and if memory serves me well are a metre square. Hopefully the visitor’s centre will know more about it (!). Can you believe noone knows? Tried the city council, the general tourist centre, the Parkland’s tourist centre… Noone knows!!! One would think that a HUGE plaque stating the name of the artist is just a given. I know I’d want my name on any public art installation I went to the effort to create.

Anyway, enjoy…

Clown Mosaic

Fruit Bowl Mosaic

Water Lily Mosaic

Dancing Girls Mosaic

Kite Flying Mosaic

Butterfly (?) Mosaic

Clem Jones AO Mosaic Commemoration

Beach Buddies Mosaic

Acrobats Mosaic

Bird of Paradise Mosaic

Seafood Dinner Mosaic

Eastern Rosella Mosaic



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Sacred Compass

Well I got to finishing the table/wall hanging (?). I prefer it as a wall hanging I think. Went with a chocolate grout and I think it turned out pretty well. Sometimes it’s nice to just not be stressed about getting something “perfect” – what is that anyway!!!? So I feel like it’s a good mosaic-start to the year! I ended up going with a dark brown background, originally was going to do a light brown. I wasn’t sure once I finished it, but now that it’s been a few days I’m happy with the choice. Am not 100% with the name. Titles for my pieces used to come sooo easily. Now I seem to not be able to listen as intently. Anyway, I looked at this and saw “directions”, a compass… Somewhat metaphoric perhaps to where I am in Life right now.

Sacred Compass

Sacred Compass - detail

I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to photograph my mosaic… I know everyone says don’t use a flash and just use natural light. This one is in natural light, no flash. But on most of my other pieces I’ve always used a flash and actually think I get truer colours with the flash… Otherwise it tends to look very flat and blah… It’d be nice to have the bright studio lights all set up. I should really pester my sister who is a photographer to get her to take photos for me…

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Mosaic Tabletop – Progress

Well, today I finally finished gluing down the last 2 panels of this table commission that has been consuming my life for the last couple months… It’s very exciting, but by the same token I still see how much work there is. Firstly, I need to move it out of my studio (!), then I need to seal the tiles before grouting and then finally seal it all over again. I’ve used the unglazed porcelain tile, and in my experience they tend to get easily stained by the grout. The trick is to seal the tile before grouting… I need to move it out of the studio now before I grout because it already weighs a ton and I have no idea how I’m going to move it. When I started on it I had to have it in the studio because I could only work on this table after hours and it was still freezing outside. I thought I’d be able to take the substrate up and that’d be easy enough, but I’m loathe to try and get it out for fear of messing it all up! I could always take the windows of my studio out, lol!

Anyway, I’m very happy with it. I can actually look at it now and think OK! That’s what it is supposed to look like 😉 Almost  all of it has been made with the reverse-indirect method. I have that down pat now! I know the best glue to use, the best dilution necessary, the best way to cut out the paper to fit correctly, lol… The things you learn by doing huh!? Plus all the tile has been hand cut.

Last 2 panels ready

Last 2 panels glued down

Ready for clean up and grout

My original plan was to use a light grey grout. I decided to do a grout test, to compare the grey vs. a light brown. I ran out to the hardware store to get a couple light browns only to get home to find out that one of them contained the wrong colour grout. I hate that! Where’s the quality control?! So in the end I could only do one of the browns, which is fine really as it gives me an idea. Needless to say my gut instinct is always right. I’m going with the light grey 🙂 I really think you can get to complicated with grouting. Though I have been known to use different colour grouts, I am a strong believer in keeping it simple. For my work atleast it’s my tile that speaks louder, not my grout lines so that’s what generally works for me. The overall feel of the table was to be coo/light in colour. I think I get that more from the grey. Although I don’t mind the brown, it’s a much warmer tone and really creates a different feel.

Grout Test - light grey

Grout Test - Beige

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