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Artist Watch: Ewa Chirkowska

Up next is Ewa Chirkowska, who hails from Poland. The moment I laid eyes on her work my breath was taken away, goosebumps had risen… she’s simply amazing!

Ewa’s mosaic adventure started a few years ago, during her summer holidays in Tunisia. In Sousse, Ewa went to the local museum and it was there that she was enchanted by the wonderful ancient mosaics – “colourful time capsules”, as she says.

She was also impressed by the ornamental tiles, which she found everywhere. The year before her trip to Tunisia, she had seen azulejos used to decorate houses in Majorca, Spain and she was fascinated by the beauty of the Moorish style in ceramic wares. “All those summer ‘experiences’ as well as my encounters with the mosaics and ceramics became my great passion. My intuition, my ‘inner voice’ told me: mosaic – this form of artistic expression is for you! You must do it!”

Following this inner voice, Ewa started looking for available materials in her hometown of Poznań. She created her first mosaics almost 3 years ago. It was made of pebbles bought in a nearby IKEA. She was astonished to find out that there in Poznań was a small manufacturer that produced hand made tiles, ceramic borders and colourful square tiles (1cm x 1cm). “What a coincidence!”, she says “Or the evidence of ‘synchronicity’ (as C.G. Jung would say) which had strongly influenced my life…”

At this time, Ewa had been working in a soul-less job for a large corporation going on a couple of years. She realised that this was the moment in her life that she needed to quit her job, to change profession and fully devote herself to her mosaics. Both husband and daughter were fully supportive of her making this change.

Soon enough she discovered stained glass and fell in love. “Oddly enough, I found out that there is a warehouse in Poznań which offers glass of various shades of colour. I could spend hours watching those wonderful sheets… Was it more evidence of ‘synchronicity’? There are only three warehouses in Poland where you can buy stained glass – and one of them is only two miles away from my house!”

Ewa has found her support for mo-love through the yahoo groups: MAO (Mosaicartistorg) and MAG (Mosaic Addicts Group). “They have always provided me with support and kind words!”

She is inspired by the works of such artists as Antonio Gaudi (“I dream of a journey following in Gaudi’s wake!”), artistic team Hans Unger-Eberhard Schulze ( Unger-Schulze Mosaics ) , Mia Tavonatti and Carole Choucair Oueija.

“I am very happy that I have found my own way of artistic expression through mosaic! It happened so unexpectedly…”

Now time for the eye candy 🙂 Ewa seems to work in large scale, so I can only imagine how amazing these are. I’ve included dimensions for each pic underneath…

“Africa” – Mosaic inspired by “The Watering Hole” by Jonathan Sanders; 119cm x 68cm or 47″ x 27″

“Crocodile” 58cm x 250cm or 23″ x 99″

“Klimt, My Inspiration”67cm x 200cm or 26″ x 79”

“Kangaroo” 70.5cm x 103cm or 28″ x 40″

“Lizard I” 60cm x 40cm or 23.5″ x 16″

Meet the lovely Ewa:



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