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Art is Better than Therapy

Lots going on this side of the World, in my little ol’ life. Some positive change which is great, but change can be exhausting even when welcome! Needless to say life has simply gotten in the way of this blog… I miss it, so here I am.

Since last I wrote I have installed a ~5 sq metre mural at my daughter’s preschool. Something I had been thinking about for a long while and was unsure was ever going to happen. I talked it over with a good friend of mine who convinced me to do so. I am so very glad of it too. Between the time that I agreed to the time it was done, was only a few weeks. It was the first community project I have ever been a part of and also the first time to lead a large project with volunteers. It was looking a little worrying there for a little while, thinking that I had noone to help out but people pulled through and new friendships forged  (new addictions too)… The original idea was to come into the preschool, sit down with the kids in small groups and make a mosaic from one of their pictures with them. I was inadvertently offered a full time job that I wasn’t expecting and so that idea kinda went out the window!! Nevertheless I pushed ahead by taking some pictures that the kids drew and mosaicing them myself. The inspiration was simply the drawing of a 4 year old child. Clean, simple and without too much detail. I love a child’s approach to most anything. Honest, innocent and arguably without detail but in saying that I don’t think that children miss the detail. To me, their approach is fresh and I always find myself drawn to it.

In any case the whole project was very satisfying and I feel very happy indeed about the whole affair. It got a little write up in a local newspaper that I was also pleased with, so it was a really nice end to the whole thing. I have managed to do 2 large installations this year. Hard work, but I really think this is where it is for me. Definitely more to come…

Preschool Mural done!!!

Preschool Media

I’m also in the midst of doing the Christmas Art Markets at the Old Bus Depot Markets. Quite different this year, in that there was a very steady stream of people instead of a mad rush. I actually thought I wasn’t doing as well as last year, perhaps a sign of the times, but upon counting the sales at the end of last weekend I actually did better than last year. That was comforting. I think I know what sells and so therefore it is just easier to know what to make. I also upped my prices on a few things and introduced smaller pieces, at a smaller price but without compromising my artistic integrity.

Other major news is that I am headed to San Diego next year for the SAMA conference. Very exciting indeed… My first time, I hope not my last 🙂 I am really looking forward to meeting everyone I have come to know on the internet, meet those I am yet to know, be inspired, inspired, inspired and learn aplenty. Of course a little side trip/holiday is also in the works. Life is too short to constantly say NO!

A little earlier on, I  finished a pair of ballet slippers that got shuttled away to Texas, USA. I was very happy with the way they turned out, falling within the description of what the client specified so happy all around I believe. I was quite stoked by that commission too as it would never have come my way had it not been for the internet.

Odette - Boots' Boots

I also got around to installing a commissioned number plaque. That was a bit of a trip. The client had bought it as a surprise for his girlfriend, as they had purchased their first home together (1, 2, 3: Awwwwwwwwwwww…) and when she opened it she apparently said something like ‘ who made this? Kim Grant?!’. I kinda momentarily let it go to my head and was a celebrity for that split second, lol! 😉


So what’s on the cards for the future? One more day for the markets, then Xmas and all that it entails (can’t wait, family time!!!). I’ll be hopefully starting on the install of the mermaid mural which I am really looking forward to. The prep on that wall may take some time though, not something I particularly look forward to. Then it will be time to finish off a few projects I started for myself and start a few others. Trades that are on the cards, a swirl for Lin Schorr‘s project, a new(ish) website… too much to do frankly and never enough time but art is better than therapy. Amen!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year! Thanks for being such wonderful readers…



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Disneyland Mosaics

While in CA, we took the kids to Disneyland. Their first time and my 1st time as a parent… It’s an odd place I tells ya. I had a load of fun, but it’s an odd place! Of course what I did notice all over everywhere were the mosaics. In Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure Park and Downtown Disney. See?! It is an odd place. It’s like a city all it’s own! I was rather taken aback at the money spinner that it is. Here we are with global poverty, shortages on basic foods and then here in the West there’s Disneyland, where I don’t know how many tens of thousands of dollars get turned over in a day. Kinda crazy. But that’s not the point of this post… “The Happiest Place on Earth”, perhaps. But something about that slogan makes me feel uneasy. I have to say thank goodness the ride known as “It’s a Small World After All” was closed for construction. That ride is trippy! Don’t know if I could have done that one all over again… lol!

It was pretty awe inspiring just how much detail in everything there is. First of all it’s really clean. I mean like really clean. People that worked there were friendly. Everything just ran really well. The amount of organisation that must go into creating and maintaining something like that is, in itself, quite remarkable. And to top it all off, every night they had fireworks that far surpass the New Year’s Fireworks we get here!!! Every night! Certainly alot of fun to be had. We went with extended family, and it’s definitely a lot more enjoyable in a large group 🙂 Makes all that waiting around doable…

There were some beautiful mosaics. I have no idea who made any of them so this post will just be a bit of a visual feast. Plenty more in my Disney Mosaics Flickr set… There are some hardcore families who seem to go a lot. I don’t know if that’s me, in fact I know it’s not!!! By the third day (of all of us looking out for 6 young kids) I was holding L’s hand and suddenly looked around, panicked, blood drained from my face and I screamed out “Where’s L!!!?”. I knew it was time to leave. 😉

Waterlily Fountain

Something Silver Mosaic
Such a perfect use of mirror!!! This mosaic quite literally sparkled…

Naples Pizza Mosaic Floor
The floor entrance to Naples Pizza, in Downtown Disney.

Sunflower Fountain
Detail shot of the Sunflower Fountain at the entrance of Disneyland.

Mosaic Benches

Sun Fountain

Catalina Casino Mosaic

Disney Mosaic

Disney Mosaic

Disney Mosaic - floor detail

Disney's California Adventure Park Mosaic Mural

Disney's California Adventure Park Mosaic Mural
Gorgeous hand made tiles it seems… This mountainous mural flanked both sides of the entrance to Disney’s CA Adventure Park. It depicted everything that CA is famous for… Really a fantastic mural!

Aladdin's Mosaic
The mosaic on the floor to Aladdin’s theatre in Disneyland. Didn’t go in to see the performance but this mosaic certainly caught my eye…

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Musée National Fernand Léger – Biot, France

I think the highlight of my trip to France back in September was finding the Fernand Léger Museum. Located in Biot, very close to where we were staying in Antibes, it is covered in mosaic. Unfortunately it is currently closed for refurbishment, so we couldn’t see anything inside. There was a gorgeous stained glass mosaic that I’m sure is just amazing from the inside…

Biot is a small town well known for it’s bubble filled glasswork and also it’s pottery. It’s a gorgeous little town. We ended up having dinner there – a yummy, yummy steak for me!

Fernand Léger, a French artist, played a key role in the development of cubism and pop art. A thoroughly interesting man, I highly recommend you reading a little about him on Wikipedia as I’m not going to repeat the information that’s already out there… What I will do however is show you all the amazing pics!!! 🙂 I was blown away… They just kept coming and the sheer magnitude of these things was in itself just overwhelming…

The museum was officially opened in 1960 in the presence of Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall and Georges Braque. All the mosaics seem to have been created by H. Melano of Biot. They seemed to all be made from glass and some kind of stone. I’m going to say marble, but I could be wrong. It could even perhaps be quartz (?). In any case I LOVE it!!!

I won’t put all the pics up on this post, you’ll find more in my France Mosaics Set on Flickr. Go check them out. They really are amazing…

The Women with the Parrots - mosaic
This one was probably my favourite… I love the mosaic rendition. There was also a bronzed version which was placed righ out the front. The mosaic was behind a huge hedge, all covered up…

Stained glass mosaic from the outside
The stained glass mosaic from outside. Wouldn’t it just be amazing with the light coming through!?

Tiled Sculpture
Tiled sculpture by the cafe…

The Sunflower
“The Sunflower”. This was created by ceramists R & C Brice and mosaicist H Melano in 1967 after a study from 1950.

Musee National Fernand Leger
The mosaic triptych in the carpark. Each panel measured 8m x 12m. Mosaic created by H Melano in 1990.

Musee National Fernand Leger
Front of Museum… Still under construction.

Musee National Fernand Leger
Front of museum aswell. This one measures 2 m x 8m

The Sun
“The Sun”

Musee National Fernand Leger
Amazing, massive mural round the back of the building. It wasn’t accessible, so I could only take pics from afar.


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Molly’s sunflower

We finished my daughter’s sunflower stepping stone today. Very cute! Though she’s adamantly told me we are giving this to Grandma… I wanted to keep it because I still don’t have any of her artwork in the garden. I think we’ll do another to fit with the boys’ round stepping stones by the Secret Hideout 🙂

Of course she wanted pink grout. I ought to make up some hot pink grout some day. I’m sure she’d love it! But the dark purple had to do. She wasn’t impressed, as most 3 year old little girls would not be when they don’t get their way. Life’s tough. 😉


We made this with ceramic tile that we had on hand, smashed with a tile hammer. The kids love to do mosaics like this. It’s exciting to break things as a youngster I think (as an adult too…) but also kids like instant gratification and working like this is exactly that.

I love the grout – a product by Custom Building Products. It was leftover of some I bought in the US last year. It is such a wonder to use. So easy to work with. We don’t have it here in Australia, of course. They also come in fantastic colours. The lads at the shop where I buy my supplies think I’m a nut when I start talking about all the things I’m looking for. Though they’re lovely and very helpful. I have thought of perhaps distributing it here, but it would be a whole other branch of business… Don’t know if I’m up for that yet, but we’ll see.


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