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Mid year already?!

How can it be?! The trees are already blossoming, it *almost* feels like the chill may be dissipating – though Winter will come back with a vengeance to be sure. It is August after all. Yay! I made it through July. My least favourite month in Canberra…

Sometimes I feel like the world is moving around me in fast motion – everyone so busy going here, going there. It’s nice to not feel like I need to participate in all that. Just sit back and watch, potter around in my garden, so to speak. Things are blossoming in my metaphorical garden, but I admit to sometimes wishing I had more time. I’d like more time to read. I’d like more time to devote to my other hobbies: crochet, roller derby and more recently raising chickens. I’d like more time to spend with my kids. Sometimes I feel cheated that I can’t spend more time with them – that’s probably been the harshest wound that divorce brings. By the same token, it is also a gift in that we cherish our time together.

The last year or so has also brought many lessons both good and challenging. Lessons are always a gift, even if hard to swallow. What it meant was that I didn’t create as much as I had planned. Not even sure that I had planned much. I still, however, feel that procrastination is in fact a good thing. There’s a lot that is happening in the quagmire of one’s brain whilst playing in a different stomping ground and I’ve learned to embrace it. Through embracing it, I feel like I am more confident in certain areas of what I do and so now I allow myself the time I need to process, even if subconsciously.

So… what have I created? It feels like not much, but I’m not sure that’s all true or important! There’s a lot going on in my brain and I’m no longer rushing to get it all done. I have time. I have plenty of it as it turns out…

What I have started to do is make my own projects a priority. I finally got some concrete poured and created a floor mosaic. So it’s not finished… yet! But I’m almost there. Literally less than a square foot left to do! Part of it lies on the floor in my living room at present. I look at it, and look at it some more. And while I look at it and work away on this, I’m thinking about my other projects.

The community project for the Queanbeyan Council is going well. We’ve entered stage 2 of the project. Two more groups will begin tomorrow to fabricate their mosaics. It’s pretty exciting! I went past the other day and saw that the Queanbeyan High School’s three panels have been installed. The morning we were meant to do it was too cold, so I never saw them get adhered to the seating… The themes explored are Youth, Education and Sports respectively: –


I recently learned that I have had some of my work published in a book. I havn’t yet seen the book, but lots of great artists in there and I’m very stoked I got in!!

Lastly, I am still teaching. I’ve made a few changes but for now am keeping with the classes I have always offered. Registrations for all mosaic classes are on my website. This semester they include the basic mosaic classes as well as a Mosaics on Mesh class and a glass class (Patterns & Shapes: Push-in Technique). Next year will see at least one or two new classes which I’m quite excited about. It’ll also be nice to teach some new things!!

Anyhoo! I’m off to tend to my garden…



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Artist Watch: Judit Bozsár

I’m trying to make a disconcerted effort to include artists from all over the world here and have noticed many of the artists featured so far are from the US. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… as Seinfeld might say 🙂 but in keeping with the effort of making this as international as I can, I introduce you to Dr Judit Bozsár who was born in Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary and now resides in Pilisvorosvar, just outside Budapest, Hungary. She is known as stiglice on Flickr, one of my preferred stomping grounds.

Now I know there is a very lively mosaic community in Hungary because I have had alot of hits from atleast one mosaic forum, and alas have not been able to understand a single word that is said. 😦 I still marvel at the fact that we English speaking countries have very often only the one language, whereas every single non-English speaking country that I have travelled to, bar one, had some English.

After being a slave her whole life to her watch, Judit retired as a research scientist of veterinary medicine back in May. Nowadays she enjoys “going to bed, getting up, eating, strolling in the garden, playing with mosaics, with my grandchildren, with my animals, etc. whenever I feel like doing so.” 🙂 I’ve always said I can’t wait to retire! lol…

Judit has been making mosaics now for 3 years and it has pretty much taken over her home as she states: “No room is singled out yet to be furnished as a workshop, so I am forced to litter the house with my treasure of half-made pieces, china and glass shards: cellar, garage, my former study, the guest room (the only one with an appropriately positioned window), wherever I can…”.

When I asked her if she had any advice on making mosaics, her response was first and foremost having a spouse who does not mind but does care. 😉 Acquire some very good tools, browse the internet, see as many mosaics as you can, find all the websites and blogs of as many artists as you can. Learn from everyone kind enough to share his/her knowledge – “and be as grateful to them as I am”. Have patience, do not feel you are wasting your time with more important tasks waiting … Do not let your failures disappoint you rather learn from them. Study the properties and descriptions of the used materials carefully, enabling your work to stand the test of time in both senses. Be courageous in your experiments, “except when you are working on a commission.” Food for thought and then some…

In recent years, her life has undergone many positive changes that she now feels there are too few hours in the day to do everything she is interested in. “At long last I can live in a large garden with as much domestic and wildlife around me as I like. I am enthralled with all forms of LIFE from those lovely spiders’ nets through the teeming plant life to the titmice brooding in their birdhouses … Since I was given my first digital camera, photography has also been a standard hobby.”

Judit’s first grandchild was born a year and a half ago and was followed by two more: “…they are opening up a new world for me, one very different from what I and my two sons used to live in”. Her other passions are reading and gardening, though these two suffer most since discovering mosaics.

Judit is self-taught and has learnt, and is still learning, everything through the web. She is ultimately very grateful to all those who have supported her in her newfound passion – her husband who encourages rather than sneers; to her Hungarian mosaic friends who introduced her to this medium and whose constructive criticism is a huge help; to her virtual friends at flickr who leave supportive comments; and last but not least “to those colleagues, friends and relatives who remember me whenever they break a plate or cup or renew their bathrooms and thus keep supplying me with much of my precious basic materials…”. 🙂

Judit’s website is still being constructed and you can also see her work on her flickr account.

Now for the nity gritty! You’ll see why I love her mosaics. She is one of the most versatile mosaic artists that I’ve come across…

Finally meet Judit…


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Enigma, complete

Finally got around to grouting Enigma today after the massive Spring clean that I never got around to doing last Spring (it’s Autumn here, almost)… Nice to know that my clean/neat freak is still in there somewhere and wants to rear its ugly head every so often!!! Studio clean up comes next. I have shards of glass everywhere. It’s really a miracle I havn’t cut myself as of yet. I know I will while I’m cleaning it now that I’ve said that.

Anyway… in the end I decided on a black grout instead of my usual dark choice of charcoal. Charcoal just didn’t seem right. I think I can say I’m actually happy with it, after all the anxiety it was giving me 😉 I just hope, really, really hope the client will be pleased.

Am yet to paint the back and put all the hardware on it for hanging, as well as the edging. Plan on a stainless steel edge, we’ll see. For now, I’m relieved it’s basically done!



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