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Scaly Building

In the area of Seoul known as Samcheongdong – the new “it” part of Seoul – were some really interesting shops and buildings. One of which was this restaurant.

Mosaic (?) scale building

Funky Building

Very cool! It was closed when I walked past, so I couldn’t go in and taste the food 😦 All the “scales” are made of recycled metal. Not sure what!? But, interesting and colourful anyway…


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Hyehwa Station, Daehangno

The area of Seoul known as Daehangno is a popular and fairly hip place for younger, more student types. It features an outdoor performance park known as Marronier Park, home also to Marronier Art Centre. Plenty of bars, restaurants etc, but what’s cool about it is that the main street is adorned with loads of public art. It just keeps going!

Of course my favourite is the mosaic poo!? Atleast that’s what it looks like 🙂 I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be any form of excrement, though I discovered this mosaic through another picture on Flickr, and they too referred to it as poo!

There are 3 of them, grouped together and are funky! I digg it 😉 Surprise, surprise! I don’t know who the artist is! All made of glass, the only gripe I have with it is the white grout. When will white grout on mosaics be banned!? There are other lighter colours that work. White grout does not work!!! White is not a neutral when it comes to this medium. White is evil!!! There! I said it for the millionth time, feel a little better. Lol.

Hyehwa Station, Daehangno

Hyehwa Station, Daehangno

Hyehwa Station, Daehangno

Hyehwa Station, Daehangno

Now I really must get off this computer!!! I have a cake and cookies to bake because I have a playdate with my best friend ever tomorrow. I’m very excited because she lives on this awesome farm, it’s beautiful. It’s beautiful because she works very hard to keep it that way. She is my mosaic-buddy and I have been on her and on her to let me show her work here…Alas, it’s not her thing – yet!? 😉

But I also received my hammer and hardie yesterday and I want to go play…

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Isaiah Zagar’s mural at IMA

When I visited the Institute of Mosaic Art last year in Oakland (a must do every time I go to the Bay Area), I snapped the mural made by Isaiah Zagar. Yes, we all know Isaiah and the fact that he is a legend in the Mosaic Art World so I won’t comment on his work… 😉 However, needless to say the mural is amazing in person and took only 3 days to make! From what I understand Laurel True, who owns and operates IMA, started out doing mosaics under Zagar. Nice way to do it!

Here is a pic I took of it, it’s huge…

Mural at IMA

And a video by Stacy Alexander of the making of the mural…

Building a Mural with Isaiah Zagar by Stacy Alexander

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The Spirit of Enquiry

Simply because I should now be studying for my exams, I’m going to post pictures of some tile art at my University… I’m such a procrastinator!!! I have been accused of this since I was a kid and hated it back then, but alas it is true 😉 I am, however, proud to say it stems more from working well under pressure: I always get the job done by the deadline!!!

Anyway (!),  the Australian National University here in Canberra houses a public art commission located in the Union Court. Commissioned in 1999, it was finished in 2001. The artist is Deborah Halpern.

It is basically abstract tile art – all the tiles having been hand painted by Halpern herself onto what appears to be ordinary ceramic tiles. Certainly adds a bit of colour to Union Court. Apparently Halpern is inspired by Picasso in some of her works and this seems evident to me here too.

The Spirit of Enquiry, Australian National University

ANU - The Spirit of Enquiry

ANU - The Spirit of Enquiry


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