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Florey Primary School

I’ve been wanting to do a mural at my childrens’ school for some time and along with a friend and one of the Kindy teachers thought there was a keen team. After 6 months of talking about it, the principal suggested a location. It was inside, at the end of a very long corridor where noone would ever see it. Needless to say I was disappointed… I always think it’s a shame when people don’t seem to value art, particularly amongst children. I really think it would be an invaluable gift for the children involved. Anyway, we shall see. I will go in and make an appointment to see the principal, and to really gauge how lukewarm the reception is.

Meanwhile, a friend let me know about some mosaics at the primary school in Florey so since it is not far from where I live, as I was heading home on a day off Molly and I ducked in to take a look-see. I always sign in and let the staff know I’m there and try to gather as much information as I can. The principal of Florey met me and she was absolutely lovely. In fact she was the principal over at Macquarie when the mosaics were made there (see post).

Anyway, it was made by a parent who obviously had a keen interest in mosaics, but also making her own tile. The principal was going to give me her name, but we ended up chatting so much that we forgot (!). It was made and installed in 2005 and I understand that is was done during school hours with some of the older children. It is made up of handmade ceramic tile aswell as plain ceramic tile and covers a fairly vast expanse. It has all been made on cement sheet and then screwed into the brick.

Florey Primary

Florey Primary

Florey Primary

Florey Primary

What is so great is that the current principal started a new project with the Y6 kids – a chess pit with the large sized chess pieces too. I lOVE that there are teachers and principals out there who really value art. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 😉 lol This is the kids’ gift to the school.It is yet to be installed. Apparently that is happening in the next few weeks. Will go to the opening of it and take pics…

Florey Primary

Florey Primary - site for chess pit

This is where the installation will take place. It will really liven this section of the playground up.

Florey Primary


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Leeds Library getting an unofficial makeover

Just to update and give a bit of background information on this building, I got this from Sam Hirst‘s flickr site (one of the guys trying to do something about this building):

“This is a Magnificent Building which has very sadly been abandoned / neglected by the side of the busy york road (Leeds). It has plenty of burmantofts tiles and many stained glass windows. At one point this building was the very center of the community. It hosted a 23 metre swimming pool. A Library which had a Lending room, Reading room, Childrens Library / Reading room, and a Womens library. Over the years the swimming pool was known for its competitions and it would be jammed packed with local school children during the holidays. The building was designed in 1901 by a local architect and built by local tradesmen. The building has been abandoned for over 30 years. It has now reached the stage where nature takes over. The roof at either end of the building has collapsed. Unfortunately this building recently played host to the local Heroin Junkies.
The radiators have been ripped from the walls and strewn across the floor. The brass door handles have been prized off of the doors. Some of the roof tiles have been stolen. There are plans to soon redevelop this fine building. I just hope that for the buildings sake this happens sooner than later! ”

The York road library revisited (mutiny on the Landings)

I found these guys on Flickr and thought what they are doing is very cool. I love old buildings for a million different reasons: the main one being they should be taken care of because it is a part of our history. It’s such a shame that we allow these remnants of history go by the wayside… Anyway, I love what they are doing and they are revealing some awesome mosaics!!! Look at this beautiful owl! I can’t understand why any city would let this kind of thing go, but it happens all the time!


Civic Pride originally uploaded by oldboys_ue

We need more people like these young chaps 😉

Before & After

Before & After Originally uploaded by oldboys_ue

I highly recommend viewing more of oldboys_ue‘s pics on his Flickr site.


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Macquarie Primary School

The Macquarie Primary School is home to a few mosaics made by Linda Davy. Linda is a prominent artist in the Canberra region and a mother of students at the primary school. I believe she made these in 2005, but I could be wrong! She was awarded an ACT Children’s Week Award in 2005 for her work here.

The chess pit was made with the help of students – I’m not sure which class – and all the materials used are ceramic on concrete stepping stones. Not too sure what the cubes are made of.

Apparently this is the spot for the Y 6s to hang out in… 😉 There are also large chess pieces that were purchased so the kids can play a game of chess when they want to.

There are also more pics of this on my Flickr site in the set called ‘Canberra Mosaics’.

Macquarie Primary Welcome Panel

This, as great as it is, is a good example of what not to do when making a big mural. You can see exactly where the seams are – such a shame because that ruins a potentially great piece! This is where cutting up the mural in “puzzle pieces” comes in handy and then not mosaicing right to the edge of each but rather, once up, filling in the mosaic so that it is seamless… Pretty important on large pieces! Otherwise pretty fantastic!





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Some mosaic in Sydney

I just returned from a trip to Sydney – love that place!!! Feel rather lucky, really, to live so close. I suppose moving has crossed our minds many times, but Canberra works too well for us right now. Maybe down the road… Anyway, as I was there for other business associated stuff, I didn’t have time to go out of my way to check out all the mosaic. There’s too much to see in a weekend anyway… but a little here and there goes a long way, right?

So I photographed what I did see. One was a sign for a restaurant in Darling Harbour. Interesting decor in there actually. I get easily bored by restaurant interiors because most just look the same and could easily be so much more interesting at not such a great cost, but they made the interiors stand out a little more from the usual.


The other one was a floor installation at the Circular Quay train station. It was all made from ceramic, and I can’t tell you who the artist is or when it was installed, but it has been made out of ceramic and the design was made in several areas of the station. Quite a clever design as it really improves the overall appearance without the feeling that it is so beautiful you don’t want to step on it!

Circular Quay

Last but not least, is the Sydney Opera House. I suppose it is not the mosaic that people find attractive with this building but I was looking at it and realised that the technique employed of using grout to create the scalloped look is part of mosaic technique. And the entire roof is made of ceramic tile. I can’t fathom how it was done, it’s just amazing! But I love that building. It really is an amazing piece of architecture, also because acoustically it is home to one of the best halls in the world! And of course I, as a sound engineer, have an interest in acoustics too…

Sydney Opera House

Apologies for the terrible photo. It was drizzling and I was on a “fairy” boat, as my daughter implied. 🙂

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Canberra Hospital Mosaics Part 3

This mosaic, also at the main entrance of the Canberra Hospital resides on the pavements surrounding it’s main entrance. One probably wouldn’t even notice it was there! In fact one nurse mentioned to me that she walked over it almost every day for the last 15 years and never really thought about it…

It appears to be made from handmade terracotta tile and glass. It was made by Jennifer Jones, Kaleen Watts, Nickolas Stranks and Roberta Simpson all of whom were part of the Brindabella Working Group, sister group to the Majura Women’s Group (who are Northside, Brindabella are Southside).

The accompanying plaque states:
“The pavement mosaic describes a journey through time and culture. The path travels through images from nature: under a microscope, from earth and plants, through invention, by belonging to this country.”

Made as part of the (then) new Woden Valley Hospital Arts Program in 1993, participants included youth from the Gugan Gulwan Koori Youth Group (an Indigenous support group) and Southside and Tumladden Youth Refuges. Tumladden provides young people, 16 – 18 years, with medium term supported accommodation and the development of independent living skills and Southside Youth Refuge, as I understand, is also a crisis accomodation refuge for young people.

The World Beneath our Feet


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Canberra Hospital Mosaics Part 2

This mosaic was created by David Hodges as part of the new Woden Valley Hospital (now Canberra Hospital) artworks program back in 1993.

Named ‘Tile Topology’, it is made out of vitrified ceramic and glass gems and covers an area of pavement and part of a low wall next to a fountain. It maps out the Canberra region with the, then new, hospital in the centre. Participants included people from the Karralika Therapeutic Community.

It’s really quite unassumingly beautiful and thankfully not falling apart! I love the use of the vitrified ceramic – the colours seem to blend together so well and is probably why it looks so subtle and natural.

Tile Topology

Tile Topology

Tile Topology

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Reclamation: Culture, Spirit and Place

Back in January Jon Stanhope unveiled a new public arts commission in Garema Pl. right in the city. The media release put out by Stanhope’s office reads:

“…Created by Western Australian artist Sandra Hill (Nyoongar) as principal artist, in collaboration with local artist Jim Williams (Ngunnawal), the artwork consists of a ceramic tile mosaic set into the pavement and framed by decorative metal panels. The artwork depicts a variety of totemic animals and includes references to the Molonglo River and its waterways…

The artist Sandra Hill stated that “…the artwork celebrates the survival of the spirit, the courage and the dignity shown by the Ngunnawal people as they move into the future…” “

Garema Pl Mosaic garema_pl2.jpg Pillars Pillars


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