Mural WIP and other shenanigans

So I finally got around to transferring a design for a mural the other night. I have motivation AND I have energy. It is such a welcome return. Love what Spring can do… I sketched out a design three years ago and it got shelved due to other commitments, lack of sleep etc… For me, the hardest part of anything is the design and for large scale stuff transferring the design and all the prep involved beforehand. One part of me wants to get it all exact and be overly prepared, the other just wants to get a wriggle on. Anyway, the hard part is done and I can’t wait to get a start on it. The mural will be about 2.3m W x 1.6m H. It’s going to be located on my home, in an area that has come to be known as the Secret Hideout. I have a gorgeous Japanese maple that grows out front, perfect for climbing and of course come Spring and Summer no one need know if you are in that tree, watching the world go by! It’ll be great because the tree loses its leaves in Autumn (when it becomes our Not-so-Secret-Hideout). I kinda wanted a feeling of entering another hidden world… I think it’ll be a lot of fun. The first of four murals intended on my home that I already have designed. I’m sure more will probably come, but I need to start somewhere (says my more patient self). Next up after this one will be another mermaid…

Tomorrow I leave for warmer Newcastle, en route to Grafton to teach a six day workshop as part of the Grafton Artsfest. This is their last year in operation so I’m happy to be a part of it again this year. The workshop I am teaching is called Mosaic Sampler: getting back to basics. It should be a good week, with lots of information and hopefully lots of mosaic making using different techniques… I am overfull, so I’m really pleased that the class has been a popular attraction. My car will be chockablock full of all sorts of things. My tile guy has been awesome as far as providing everything I need. Pretty sure the only thing he hasn’t provided is the kitchen sink, though I’m sure he could work with me even on that one!! Looking forward to warm weather as it is still touch and go here in Canberra but I’ll miss the Jacarandas that begin to  flower a week or so after the festival. I love Jacarandas – one of my favourite trees! I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple exercises from one of  Crystal Thomas‘ eTutorials included as part of the week which I think will greatly assist in cutting and setting tile. If you havn’t already seen her eTutes, I strongly encourage you to take a look at her site and buy some! They are very, very affordable and are a wealth of information. It’ll change the way you work – for the better! Thanks again Crystal! Mwah.

I met with the primary school that contacted me the other week. What a great meeting – the principal, teachers and parents totally got what community means and what art teaches our new generation. The principal made a note of saying that she didn’t want any of the students (~460)  to have token involvement. That did it for me right there. Respectful, kind people. My heart beats a little more solidly knowing there are good people in the world who truly do care for our youngsters without letting their egos get in the way. I havn’t been asked to provide permits that don’t exist, nor a bunch of other unnecessary  paraphernalia. I hope I’m successful with the proposal I have put forward as it seems like it would be a wonderful relationship. The theme of the project was already agreed upon (macro garden) and I’ve already actually created a design for the feature wall that will also allow for each child’s addition in and around the main mural!! So exciting… but I need to pace myself 🙂


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4 responses to “Mural WIP and other shenanigans

  1. Maedhbh brosnan

    Hi Kim checked out the tutorials and you are right, They are excellent. I find it hard to source workshops in mosaics here in Ireland and the Internet is an invaluable source for me. Finished the 1st school project and all I can say is wow! The kids were fantastic and what they produced was magic. If you know of any other helpful sites that you think may be helpful to me would you mind letting me know. Would really appreciate it. Good luck and thanks. The work you do is inspirational.

  2. Chin

    I am so excited for you!!!! I can’t wait to hear about your progress. Good luck

  3. Maedhbh Brosnan

    Hi Kim, Really enjoyed reading your post. I am based in Ireland and have recently embarked on some school projects with children 11 to 13 year olds. I mentioned it to someone, who mentioned it to someone else, who mentioned it to someone else, (get the picture), about wanting the experience of working with Children and guess what I have three school projects to do, hopefully before Christmas. Like you I want the children to have total involvement, and am not really willing to compromise on this. I am not into “mosaicing by numbers”… Therefore I am hoping they will get involved in all stages, from design….cutting, gluing, etc… and finally the bit I love, grouting. The three schools I am going to all want different things and whilst I am so excited I am a little daunted and nervous. Tomorrow I am starting the first project, a simple one. The principle and myself have agreed to do a small individual item with each child and then after a break.. come back to commence an overall art piece for the school. The second school are a little more ambitious, they want to group the children and do a crest, a piece for their outside garden and a large mirror.

    Like you I hate the transfer of design. I have tried scaling up, photocopying etc….and then came across this piece of software on the net, which I suppose is cheating really. You draw the design, scan, and the software allows you to resize it up to whatever size you want. It prints off as many A4 pages that you need to make up the size you specified. You just cut along the dotted line, stick together, then with carbon paper transfer to substract. Kinda a bit of a cheat, but it cuts out the middle bit.. resizing up. The program is called “Rapid Resizer”….Maybe you have come across this before .. but I though it was cool. Anyway, my comment has turned out to be like an essay, so will finish up. Will watch your progress with interest, re the projects.. Oh and thanks for link to tutorials will check them out to. Good luck. Maedhbh

  4. Pace yourself????? Love reading about your process Kim!

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