New Mosaic Classes, Canberra ACT

I’m excited to say that earlier this year I released some new mosaic workshops that will take place here in Canberra. One of which will be my first Visiting Artist, Marian Shapiro. Marian will be heading down from Sydney on November 19 to teach a one-day workshop on creating 3D substrates for mosaic.

The focus of this one day course looks at creating three types of small 3D substrates for mosaic. Students will create:

  • a wall-hanging mask or torso using the technique of sand casting and
  • an undulating or folded wall hanging substrate,
  • one small free standing form using polystyrene

All substrates are suitable for exterior use.

  • Health and safety issues are discussed and a slideshow of inspiration pieces will accompany the lecture portion of the workshop.
  • No experience necessary and beginners welcome.
  • Full course notes and resource lists are provided.

Super exciting to be able to have that level of control over your own substrate, but also to have that creative freedom! Marian is an award winning artist, well known in the mosaic world and we’re lucky to have her on these fine shores. Places are limited and registrations are made online via Eventzilla or through my website (which will redirect you to the Eventzilla page). Email me if you have any questions!

Floradora © Marian Shapiro

Another class I’m happy to be offering is a class that spans over six weeks on a Monday morning. I’ve called it Mosaic 301: Journey into Mosaics as this is exactly what we will do. It is essentially an extension of Mosaic 101 and Mosaic 201 whilst also venturing into other techniques such as tempered glass and making mosaics on mesh, as well as using a variety of materials. Over  the six weeks, students will learn how to create a mosaic from start to finish. We will meet once a week for three hours and create two pieces, one for interior use and another suitable for exterior use, grouting both on the last day. The interior mosaic will be made using glass while the exterior mosaic will be created with ceramic on mesh. We will discuss how to prep the substrate, appropriate selection of materials, adhesives, safety, tile setting, design basics & terminology. A list of resources is available in the handouts provided. This class is suitable for the beginner as well as those with some mosaic experience who would like to extend their knowledge of making mosaics. Students will gain a strong foundation in this versatile medium. No art or mosaic experience necessary!

I also finally managed to get some sample boards made up for my classes to show how opus and grout can completely change the vibe of the same mosaic. Come join a class – there are many on offer!!


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