Weekend in the studio = bliss

It’s been a while but I finally did it – I spent the entire weekend in my studio making mosaics. I am SO happy!! There were no (OK very few) facebook interruptions or any others for that matter. I can’t remember the last time I managed to do this… So after a long time of not really making anything, in the last week I’ve managed to finish four mosaics and get a good start on another – a trade with an artist living in Chicago. It’s been ongoing for I don’t know how long because I’ve just been too busy and/or not feeling particularly motivated. So, yay me.

I’ve been meaning to make a few of the same mosaics for my classes. I made five – damn good seeing as I really dislike making the same thing over and over! It is to show how choice of opus and grout can completely change the vibe of a piece… Happy that they’re done, after a good year or more of talking about it. I think it’ll help with my classes – being able to physically see and feel a mosaic is not the same as a photograph.

Lack of motivation in and of itself is a motivation killer 😉

A new series of work, at least I hope it will become a new series, haha!!
Tappeto I

I also have to get it together to create a body of work to go in a local tile shop – pretty exciting! There are still the murals for my home – I have the designs for them all, the tile, the know-how, just not the time. Time to pull my finger out I think.

The MANNZ Symposium was on this weekend in the Barossa Valley. Wonder how it went?!



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7 responses to “Weekend in the studio = bliss

  1. Karen Remelmeyer Avery

    Your rug reminds me of Laurel Skye’s work.I like all the different sorts of tesserae you used. I too love using millifiori. On what surface did you make your tappetto?

    • Kim

      HI Karen,
      As much as I love Laurel and her work (I credit her and Irina Charny for keeping me in this medium) the Italians have been doing this style of work for a long time before… I ❤ Bravura's work – she's another artist I find absolutely amazing!!!

  2. Beautiful Kim, and well done for getting so much time in the studio. I find inspiration and motivation does go in waves – nothing like a deadline to put the wind under me! The Symposium was fantastic! Had a fabulous time this year – sorry you weren’t there. Am now in Recovery mode!

  3. Caz Kovacs

    Good for you Kim. I love your Tappeto. It looks very much like a small rug I have on my lamp table. Time has alluded me this year too. Once I’ve finished my studies I’m hoping to do some more of my own mosaic work too.

  4. I love Tappeto Kim, and kudos for making time for yourself! I hope it will become a regular thing 🙂

  5. Cool mosaic — and great for you to put in the work over an entire weekend to devote to artwork. For me, it can be tricky to fit in working on art beyond an hour or so, with different things going on. So great job on fitting it in — and you’ve got great mosaics to show for it!

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