Kids’ Mosaic Stepping Stones

We have a b’day coming up in the family next week. Kids and I decided on stepping stones all around. This is why I love kids: ask them to create something and it’s done in less than a day… They’re so clever! Kids don’t dwell on the how, the perfection, the I-can’t. They just do it: brainstorm on what, choose colours, draw it out and start breaking tile and nipping, setting tile, grouting… Ta da!

Adults can learn a lot from children – if only they opened their minds…



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2 responses to “Kids’ Mosaic Stepping Stones

  1. Kris

    I have 6 thirty gallon cans filled w/ pieces of broken tempered glass. I noticed that many of your mosaics are done w/ larger, intentioned or colored pcs. of tile… What applications do you imaging I could use this material for? There’s a TON of it. I live in the very cold or very hot midwest depending on the season. I have a dog and a cat so their paws are precious (walking surfaces) Is there a way to color this glass or perhaps paint the surface behind it? I need some ideas. thanks

    • Kim


      Tempered glass certainly has its place in mosaics but it would take me a long time to tell you the technique on how to do it!! Best to either seek out a class or google away! 🙂

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