Artists that inspire: Howard Grange

I’ve been on the computer for the better part of the day, which I don’t like doing on my days off… Nevertheless it’s been worthwhile just to have come across the website for Howard Grange‘s amazing mosaic art. For all I know Howard is in one of the many mosaic forums, but I don’t get to any of them very much as of late.

What I love about his work is that firstly, he works with other artists. I LOVE it when I see artists working together *harmoniously* (!). For that matter, I like seeing anyone working harmoniously… I’ve realised that it takes really grounded personalities for it to work well. But I tell ya, when it works well the results are always amazing.

Howard Grange seems to do a lot of community mosaics and by what he has written on his website, we are so on the same wavelength… Go see his work… now!

I’m not sure if he is still mosaicing… I don’t see anything terribly recent on the site. Has anyone heard of him/his work?

The above is located at Nek Chand’s Rock Garden in India where it seems he was one of 4 lucky artists who were selected to create a mural there…

Awesome huh?!



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3 responses to “Artists that inspire: Howard Grange

  1. thelastfish

    Hi Kim,

    Just to update you on what I am working on at the moment


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  3. Hi Kim,

    thanks for your interest! Yes I still make mosaics, currently installing one in Kingston, London in a playground. It will appear on my website soon hopefully.

    You are right, my website hasn’t been updated in ages…..

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