Marian Shapiro’s Fabrication

In my last post I mentioned I was heading to Sydney for Marian Shapiro‘s solo exhibition “Fabrication”. As the song goes “oh what a night!…” It was a really great opening night – lots of people turned up, Marian glowed and her body of work was truly something to behold.

MAANZ president, Nola Diamantopoulos, gave the opening speech and what I loved about something she said in this speech was along the lines of how Marian is such a giver, but a quiet one… So true!

I think you need to go and see this exhibition, showing at breathing colours in Balmain, Sydney. The show ends this Sunday with a meet-the-artist on Saturday between 2-4 pm. Now is the time to buy art (may I also say at a great price!!).

Marian’s beautiful catalogue, with a lovely intro by artist Jane Denison, is also available at blurb.

Details and pics from the opening night below:



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7 responses to “Marian Shapiro’s Fabrication

  1. Wow those are some nice looking mosaics – wish I could have attended :/

  2. Hi Kim! I have nominated your blog for the Kreativ Blogger award. See my latest blog post for more info.

  3. Caz Kovacs

    Great write up Kim. Lovely to see some familiar faces too. Congratulations to Marian. Simply sensational!

  4. Jane Denison

    Hey Kim, lovely write-up and photos of the opening. It’s great that you met up with Joanna again and I can see my friend, Chris, in the background!

  5. Wish I could see these in person!

  6. sorry – didn’t realise you’d linked it. Please feel free to delete!

  7. Thanks for mentioning it Kim – we did have a great time. If I may, the catalogue is available at

    and contains pics of all the pieces, most of them full page.

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