Be Careful What You Wish For… and upcoming events

I take my dog (and kidlets) for a walk every day. OK so she actually takes us for a walk –  I know the Gentle Leader collar will show up some time soon. I’m pretty sure my dog has hidden it. For the most part we will take the same route. We walk past the back of one house whose garden I’ve always admired – lots of trees, no lawn, just paths and knick-knacks popping up here and there. A suburban version of a Secret Garden and I love a good Secret Garden! I spied a garden ornament a while back. It’s an owl. I have always looked for owls (and elephants) and they’re not ones I come across too often. So we admire the secret garden, we admire the owl and walk on. About a week ago the owl disappeared.

This past weekend, the owner was out gardening, as you do, and instead of just walking by minding my own business I stopped and told him how we admire the owl & admire the garden on our daily walks. I asked after the owl and if he remembered where he got it from. Alas no, but he still had the owl!

The conversation went something along the lines of: –

“It fell and there were too many spiders in there so it’s just sitting where it fell.”
“Oh…”. I’m sure at this point I grew 5 inches as my curiosity piqued. “Are you going to throw it away?!” {{insert Innocent Smile here}}.
“Well I was going to try and fix it, but you can have it if you want”.

Not wanting to sound too desperate I let a microsecond go by…

Now I know that it’s all bad to mosaic something structurally unsound and I would never teach what I will do (mosaic it), but you gotta love Bondcrete! I took her home, put her back together again and really! As good as new… well almost!

Thank you Mosaic Godesses for hearing my wishes 🙂 I owe youse a big fat one.

I’ll also be heading up to Sydney on Friday to attend Marian Shapiro‘s solo exhibition, ‘Fabrication’ in Balmain. If you are in the area it shows at breathing colours until the 21st of March with a meet-the-artist on Saturday March 20 from 2-4pm. I’m looking forward to it, looking forward to seeing Marian again, all her beautiful work, the glass adventure trip to Finns and IKEA and generally getting the heck out of Canberra for a little while 😉

On another note, if you have nothing better to do this coming Sunday I suggest coming out to the Government House Open Day, run by the Smith Family. Details below. I’ll be setting up a stall again this year and looking forward to another day under the gorgeous, shady trees…


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6 responses to “Be Careful What You Wish For… and upcoming events

  1. The owl looks great Kim! Has it been dressed yet? 🙂

  2. Cindiloo

    Sooo…what happened to all the spiders he mentioned were living in it? Gently removed to a new home, right? It’s an amazing looking owl. I enjoyed this post especially that you look for elephants in gardens! I’m a big fan of elephants and I’ve never seen one in a garden…hmmmmm…might have to find one for my own! Know you’ll enjoy the exhibition and good luck to you at the Open Day show! xoxo Cindi

  3. Hooo! Hooo! Hooo….is going to make a lovely mosaic out of that owl? Youuuu! Can’t wait to see it.

    Always a pleasure to read your blog, Kimbo. Loved this particular entry, especially. I can just see you out with the kidlets and the dog every day. Nice picture in the mind’s eye.


  4. Love that owl Kim! You are so cute….your neighbor gave it to you out of the goodness of his heart because you are a wonderful person! Enjoy Marion’s show and have a great time at the Government Open House….wished I lived within a stones throw….I’d be there for both!

  5. Studio Fresca

    Woo-Hoot! Owl Rescue Mission… Have a wonderful time at Marion’s show. Bet that will be a treat! Wish I could tag along for that and then attend the Government House Open Day, too — sounds like a fun-filled weekend. Enjoy!

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed the post, Kim, and am looking forward to seeing that owl in his new garb! Have fun this weekend… Virginia

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