Love Letters, Mosaic classes, Trades and yet more Ranting….

Free heart. That’s what I am feeling the most right now. In anticipation of owning my home, just me, myself and I, I felt the need to start making things for me. I started with my letterbox. Separating from my husband has been a long and painful process, more than I could have imagined and perhaps it is because of this that hearts, especially winged ones, hold a lot of meaning to me. Who knows really, probably just a phase… 🙂

airmail by Kim Grant

Still yet to finish up with that ugly boxy thing in the middle – there’s always something! I have a few other projects in mind – a large mural on my deck, some mosaics around my not-quite-a-pond-because-Australia-is-in-such-a-bad-drought! More like a hole with massive weeds in the garden… 😉 I also have a  narrow brick wall right outside my studio windows. I have this mosaic – a rug – that will hang there… It’s large – 1m x 1.2m. I have a bit of detailed work on this one, so it’s going to take a while! This is the central motif – borders to do…

Tabriz by Kim Grant

Beginning next year I will be offering four mosaic classes through CIT Solutions:

  1. Mosaic Basics (Interior)
  2. Mosaic Basics (Exterior)
  3. Tempered Glass Mosaics
  4. Mosaics on Mesh

Depending on how these go, I am also hoping to offer two other classes. It is exciting for me to head on a somewhat new journey. At the end of the year, I finish up my contract working my day job and perhaps thanks to the recession I have not been successful in finding new work. It’s a worry on one level and exciting on another. There have been a lot of opportunities that I simply have not been able to explore because of the day job, so I am hoping this time will allow me to do just that. Worse comes to worse, I lose my home. There’s worse things I could lose.

I’ve also just finished (finally!) a trade with the amazing Lin Schorr. She’s busy putting together all the collaborative murals she is leading. Amazing work – you should check out her projects! The latest and final mural is the Heartistry Mural – a mosaic tapestry based on the theme of hearts with a limited colour palette of red, white and silver. The entries so far have been fantastic. I can see it’s going to be a good one.

Here is Lin’s mosaic I made for her I titled “In the Time of Queens”:

In the Time of Queens

My submission for the Heartistry mural:

Free Heart

This is the piece that Lin has made me – “Given for Granted”

Given for Granted by Lin Schorr

OK… so enough is enough. My dog is whingeing and complaining about going out for a walk… time to shutup! 😉



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15 responses to “Love Letters, Mosaic classes, Trades and yet more Ranting….

  1. Stephanie thomas

    Hi my name is steph. I am doing GCSE art and i have a exam coming up in a few weeks, i am baising my work on yours because i love your work i think it is really original and it inspires me. I love all of your designs i think they are really creative. Would be nice if you could tell me a bit about yourself, your work and how you got to were you are so i can include it in my portfolio would be very useful many thanks. Once again i think your work is amazing!

  2. Hi Kim,
    Just found your blog and site. Yes I can totally relate to the big Life Change. but you have lots of support form everyone – including Me! Love your work and spirit.

  3. Kim, you are an incredible woman and such a talented artist! Sending you love and hugs as you go through this difficult time of change and adjustment. Sounds like the healing process has begun as you started “making things for yourself”…all my best!

  4. so happy to have found another mosaic blogger, love your work , i’m be back to have a better look around in the meantime, really nice to meet you

  5. Very poignant and moving and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your life and art with us!

  6. iritlevy

    What a hectic time you are having there. I find that bad things can sometimes push us to the studio for new adventures…
    Sorry for your rocky family time, but your creativity is great. I love this letter box so much. And the trade… you lucky girls…

  7. Hallo there,
    Have just re-discovered your beautiful mosaic blog. I understand the need to make something for yourslef. We forget to do that, don’t we?
    Your post box looks fab. That should please the postie!

  8. I agree with Virginia, you are a very special woman, good luck in all new adventures.


  9. I’ve got nothin’ but love for you, K!! I am so proud to know you and have you for a friend. <3<3<3

  10. Ahhh, Kim, I wondered. Now I know and am sending more love across the oceans. Hearts beat. You’re a special woman…

  11. Wow, I didn’t know Given for Granted was yours! What a fantastic trade for both of you! Good luck with everything next year – I know you’ll make the best of whatever life throws at you.

  12. What a great trade. Enjoy your new home Kim. A very good friend of ours closed on his first home this last week. I get so excited for people moving into new life phases. YAY for change.

  13. I love your winged hearts!
    You are a joy to know. I wish you only the best.

  14. Heather Hancock

    hey kim. whoa. you have so much going on. love your attitude: finding the opportunities in (extreme) change. the mailbox is gorgeous. a complete transformation of a functional object with mosaics. cool metaphor. love the detail in the ‘time of queens.’ hh

  15. Cindi Buhrig (Cindiloo)

    Good luck on your new and exciting and full of adventure life! I love all your work and am looking forward to seeing the finished “rug”. You are a pure joy to “know”!

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