MAANZ 30:30 Vision Exhibition

Been a while since I even entertained the idea of exhibiting and didn’t feel at all inspired by this year’s theme, Crusty Oceania, but decided at the very last minute to give it a go… Two night’s work produced this:




Amazing how a mosaic can look so different dependent upon the lighting…

This year’s exhibition is being held in Brisbane, in conjunction with the Symposium which I am also going to. Cannot wait!! It will be a well deserved break… October can’t come soon enough.

Spring is springing here now, well beginning to at least. It’s been a long Winter… but the cherry blossoms and daffodils are a welcome distraction. In fact, so is the rain. I’ve just marked my son’s 10th b’day (!). Holy Dang Snot (a la Bamasusana)… it’s frightening to think 10  years has slipped by almost unnoticed…

I am looking forward to some upcoming work I’m planning. Mostly for me, with any luck. It’s time I start covering my house 🙂

Mosaic classes are shaping up to be a busy schedule, with some possibilities of travel too! My two favourite pastimes rolled into one?!!! Almost too good to be true!


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11 responses to “MAANZ 30:30 Vision Exhibition

  1. Hi. How your project develops?

  2. Good luck, Kimbo!!
    Don’t know why your comments aren’t being posted – maybe cuz you don’t have an account on blogspot? Are you entering the “code” they ask for? Sometimes I forget to do that and then my comments aren’t posted. No, the book won’t be done until at least next summer. I’m hoping to have them at SAMA 2011 though!!

  3. It’s beautiful Kim – love the calming blues. Is it juried or are you automatically in?

    • Kim

      Hey CB,

      Thank you 🙂 It’s juried, winners’ pieces go on tour around Australia for just over a year. They won’t be announced until the weekend of the Symposium. I think Karen Ami is the judge this year.
      By the way I can’t comment on your blog posts for some reason 😦 In serious suspense for your book!! Do you think they’ll be ready by SAMA next year?! 🙂

  4. Caz Kovacs

    Well done. You’ve made a wonderful piece for the 30:30 Exhibition. It will be great to catch up again at the Symposium.
    Cheers Caz

    • Kim

      Hey Caz, will be good to see you again. I will have a little something, something to give you when there… I know it’s taken TOO long!

  5. This is really great Kim, I noticed that you left some of, or added the mesh it is a very interesting piece, the colors are great and they do remind of one of the ocean, enjoy the spring, I can’t wait for winter.

  6. severnyproductions

    cool piece

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