What a Week Can Do

I took the last week off from work and it’s been a productive one! I LOVE being productive… So often I’m busy and I have nothing to show for it. Hate that! I repainted some walls in my house (feature walls – what *was* I thinking?!!!), cleaned my studio and home (really!! have been on a major chuck-everything-I don’t-use frenzy. Getting rid of junk is good for the soul), caught up with friends I havn’t seen in a while, had pyjama days, went on long walks in the beautiful weather we’ve been having, almost finished with the mermaid installation and taught a mosaic class this weekend. I’m jazzed! Feeling utterly refreshed, more organised, less stressed!! Finishing things is good.

The workshop was fun. There were 4 women all up, only one with mosaic experience and she was here to learn about creating tempered glass mosaics, which she’d not done before. It was really a very pleasurable moment to experience their delight in what they made and I now have four enthusiasts to add to my {imaginary} mosaic posse {for when I need help on my future installations that are just in my head presently} 🙂 Fun to watch them ogling over all the mosaics I have in my home from other artists too… 🙂 I feel very blessed, for want of another word… Sharing is good.

Exterior Mosaics + TG students!!

The octopus now has 8 legs 😉 I managed to get the last three legs on the other day but let me tell you, for something I would have thought was fairly minor, it was certainly a learning experience. Firstly I did it early in the morning and it was freezing. I don’t “do” cold as it is, but when my fingers and toes are numb I start to fall apart. OK, so that’s an exaggeration but you know what I mean! I also didn’t bring any tools, extra tile, nothing. So I will from now on bring everything as if it is a huge, complex installation. Lastly, I took the mesh piece out of my car and left it outside under a carport while I drove my Dad to the doctor. I was gone no more than an hour. When I went to lift the mesh piece up to stick to the wall, most of the tile literally dropped to the ground. So, even in the slightest bit of moisture, mesh pieces aren’t going to hold (is there an emoticon with rolling eyeballs? If so, insert that here). Just cleaning up to do now: sanding and painting… *sigh*

8 legged octopus :)

I even managed to get my puzzle piece done for Lin Schorr… Her community project is well under way. Have a look at all the submissions so far. Looking forward to seeing Lin collating all the pieces and doing her magic waving of the wand.



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6 responses to “What a Week Can Do

  1. Nicole

    Hey Kim,

    Thanks again for a wonderful, productive, inspiring weekend. I really had a ball. It was lovely to meet the other ladies too and see their beautiful pieces grow. I’m a proud member of your mosaic posse 🙂


  2. Kimbo, you rock!! I admire all that you do. 🙂


  3. Caz Kovacs

    Hi Kim, wow what a great week you’ve had. Congratulations to the ladies on their first pieces. They all look terrific. Your octopus looks wonderful too. Bummer about them falling off the mesh. Lesson there for us all. I’m intrigued about this future installation. Thanks for sharing. Caz x

  4. Toni Mostyn

    Hi Kim,
    We all look very happy with our pieces of work! I want to thank you for a very insightful weekend. I must admit when I left on Saturday I really didn’t think that I would be cut out for such creative and beautiful art and honestly thought that I would finish this piece and then not bother any more. But, when I returned on Sunday and saw what I had achieved(with your help and patience) I felt renewed and inspired. My partner thinks my first work is just great and it has taken a place in my bathroom until I get to apply the sealer. It looks fantastic and I will be doing more know that I can think outside the square inj terms of design.
    Thanks for your inspiration and your passion in such a fabulous medium.

    • Kim

      Thanks Toni – it was so great having you in the class. I do hope you continue. Your fish turned out fabulously! It will only get better from here… and please just email me if you have any questions!

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