Artist Watch: Suzanne Steeves

I had originally meant to post this before SAMA and for some weird reason my email dumped Suzanne’s response to me in my spam… grrrr! So apologies to you Suzanne, for not having gotten this up sooner… *sigh*

Suzanne Steeves was born in New York to Canadian parents. She had a fabulous career in television overseeing the launch of a couple of specialty channels, running entertainment production, heading up sports. “Very rewarding and endlessly all-consuming.”  Suzanne met her ‘soul mate’ ten years ago –  husband Aiken. “We left our full time careers behind, and ran off to Bora Bora to get married.”

As a child, Suzanne was constantly drawing, painting and actually did her first mosaic at age ten. “It was a gift for my grandmother. A picture made from all different types of seeds: pumpkin, poppy, sesame etc. My grandmother kept it hanging on her wall until she left this world.”

After the demise of her first marriage, Suzanne became a single parent with a demanding career and had little time to pursue her passion – art. “I did paint, but sporadically. Now I am making up for lost time. Initially I picked up my paint brushes and went back to oils. I had always loved mosaic but had never really considered it … until one day I happened to see a used mannequin with a uniquely beautiful shape. I immediately envisioned Eden Rocks. The idea of telling the story of the Garden of Eden – on Eve herself…” Suzanne claims it to be a ridiculous choice for a first project (scoff!) but considers herself an over achiever. “After starting her I realized I had no idea what I was doing. I spent the next several months reading everything I could get my hands on. I completed her last year and haven’t looked back.”

When describing her love for the medium, Suzanne states: “I can’t begin to describe the pleasure I find in working in mosaics. I love everything about it. The possibilities are limitless. I would need dozens of lifetimes to even begin to tackle every project I have wandering around in my head! When I’m in the zone it is my meditation.”

Suzanne left the city behind and now lives with Aiken and their two dogs on 100 acres north of Toronto. She has two beautiful grown children, a son Stefan and daughter Sasha and a wonderful stepson, Taylor.

Eden Rocks

Eden Rocks

Polar Prayer

Polar Prayer

Bird in the Hot Sun

Bird in the  Hot Sun

The Wave

The Wave

Finally meet Suzanne, pictured with her daughter…

Suzanne Steeves



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7 responses to “Artist Watch: Suzanne Steeves

  1. Carolyn Wachel

    Could I get in touch with Suzanne so that I could possibly buy some of her mosaic artwork? I simply adore the shoe “I’m Bringing Sexy Black”.

  2. Hi Suzanne. Thanks for telling us more. This is such a nice feature, KIm! Thanks

    Las Vegas! :)))

  3. Janet Althoff

    I so enjoyed reading this article about you Suzanne and getting to know you a little better……you are a beautiful woman, not only on the outside…but inside as well…….!! Also, thanks to Kim for giving you the well deserved recognition!!!

  4. Caz Kovacs

    Lovely article about Suzanne. Suzannes’s Eden Rocks piece is sensational. Beautiful Mother and daughter photo too. Always a pleasure to read about fellow mosaic enthusists.

  5. Thanks for featuring Suzanne, Kim! And thanks for sharing more of you, Suzanne. It was great to be able to meet you in person, and I hope to be able to spend more time talking with you at the next SAMA!

  6. Loved learning more about you, Suzanne! Of course, I’ll always think of you as the crazy-giddy woman who I laughed with so much at the SAMA raffle. 🙂

  7. Donna Post

    Great piece on Suzanne. Thanks Kim for helping us get to know another wonderful artist. What an interesting life you’ve led Suzanne. It was a pleasure to meet you at SAMA and I just love your work!

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