Dumpster Diva

Last year I went on a wild goose chase for tempered glass. After much ado, strange looks and “why do you want that for?”s, I came across a really lovely guy running a large company that specialised in safety glass. Lo and behold I almost wet my pants the first time I drove up to the warehouse…

Have been running a little low so decided to go and get another stash. Much more slim picking this time around (yes, only one dumpster full), but check it out!!! I think you get the gist…

My Stash

Tempered Glass Pickins

The above pic is just what’s on the ground… *sigh*


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3 responses to “Dumpster Diva

  1. meejoy

    You’re so lucky. I just came across a good deal of T.G. myself, most of it in large chunks. Are there any tutorials out there on exactly how this process is done? I’m dying to try it, but don’t want to waste material experimenting.

  2. Nice works!
    And look at all that glass!

    I need to find a big dumpster of exotic marbles since I prefer the stone, but I can imagine how cool that is for you.

  3. I have this idea I want to try out and I need tempered glass. I WANT THAT DUMPSTER!
    I´d settle for an ice-cream containers worth…

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