New Appearances

So I decided to have a fresh start and change the theme here – more in line with my thought processes. As they say – a change is as good as a holiday!

So, most obvious is the visual appearance of the blog itself. Hopefully those readers who were having a hard time with the last theme find it easier on the ol’ eyeballs. The not so obvious is perhaps where I am headed as an artist. First of all headed OS in March to the SAMA conference… 😉 no but really the question of getting out of the rat race and maintaining that which keeps me sane has been weighing heavily on me these past few months. I’ve decided to make a more concerted effort to keep abreast of local art networking, as enjoyable and beneficial the international ones are there’s the realisation that local is good too! I know one other mosaic artist in my town and she no longer mosaics – she makes cakes, an art unto itself I believe! I have people asking me constantly to teach and I think this is something I am now seriously considering. The Belconnen Arts Centre,  a new facility, is opening come mid year and I look forward to hopefully getting involved. The only other arts centre is down south of Canberra – the Tuggeranong Arts Centre. Far, far away… 😉

I find myself becoming increasingly drawn to commercial projects and public art projects, with an emphasis on bringing the community together. I’d really like to become more involved with so called juveniles, refugees – those who seem to be on the fringe, at least at some point in their lives. People interest me and I get psyched to hear their stories. We all have a story. We’re all fascinating… I’d love to work on projects that allow people to express that.

So teaching is on the horizon, public project tendering on the horizon… not my forte but necessary or I will die an early death, strangled by the evilocity that is admin, incompetence in the workplace and the non-stop whingeing people do in the office environment (apparently people have no life outside of their job!). LOL *sigh*…

I am returning! An addition to the Artist Watch Series coming soon and hopefully a new series if things work out the way I intend them to… Stay tuned!!



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5 responses to “New Appearances

  1. I was so happy to read this, Kim. Teaching, public art, community projects, it’s all good!! Some of the same stuff I’ve been thinking about, cool. I wish you much success in all of it!!

  2. Donna Post

    So glad to see something from you Kim. i’ve loved your blog and have missed it. I think you’ll make a fantastic teacher and I love the path your heart is calling you on. Also can’t wait to hang at SAMA!!

  3. Hi Kim..I’m glad to see your new blog. You are a terrific writer and I always enjoy reading your thoughts, rants, whatever happens that day. Looks like lots of new adventures are on there way for you. Hope to see you at SAMA

  4. As usual, you inspire me with your continuing growth and search, as well as comfort me, knowing that your continuation and search (with its ups and downs) is so kin to mine. You will make a fabulous teacher!

  5. Welcome back, Kim! 🙂 Yay for teaching. I imagine that will be a perfect fit for you and a great new adventure.

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