Howl – A Protest

I felt I just had to blog this. It echoes exactly what I feel and Pam Goode has done such a phenomenal job in interpreting those feelings. Click on the photo and go to ‘All Sizes’ to read the messages in the mosaic.

Pam writes, “This is a protest piece finished for The War Against Peace show. I chose to work this piece in a folk-art style, because it is so often the “child” within us that reacts most instinctively to the atrocities around us. The image depicts a Peace Angel howling in anguish over the current state of Man and Earth. Alphabet Millefiori spell out her howls.”

I have already asked if I could write about Pam as part of my Artist Series, so her bio is coming… I eagerly await. She’s a thoroughly interesting woman – I have always loved her mosaics (and will secretly say that I was a little nervous when I first met her back in April; kinda like “bow down to the masta”, lol). She certainly has a presence.

I must say I have always been enamoured with Protest Art, for want of a better word/description. I know many artists who won’t touch it with a 40 foot pole and then I’ve seen some Protest Art that just doesn’t do anything for me. It’s all ringing bells for me right now. I do not understand the apathy. The Peoples’ silence is deafening…


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4 responses to “Howl – A Protest

  1. Thanks so much for featuring this important piece, Kim! Brava to Pam and to you as well.


  2. Fresca

    Kim, I’m so glad you are spreading the howl! What I have always valued about good ‘protest art’ is that it goes beyond rationalized words, straight to heart — and the gut. If you dare to look, you can’t avoid being affected by it on some level, and in this ‘sound bite era’ I think it’s so much harder to drown out visual images than words. Pam’s piece is a stellar example of good ‘protest art’. It dares you to look, draws you in and once you look, you see the unexpected in the details and feel the howl. I really appreciate Pam’s courage and ability as an artist to howl out loud so the rest of us can hear — and to do it so beautifully.

  3. I wish we all could HOWL for peace like Pam, I did not know that “sophieswildhair “was Pam, (sorry for my ignorance ) but I always loved the pieces.

  4. OMG, thanks! Kim, you say the nicest things, but I have to agree on protests and folk art. I, too, am struck by the raw honesty of folk art, and I can’t get enough of it — it ALWAYS speaks to me. I took a very long time to finish this piece, because I was worried over the busy-ness of it, but it wanted to be what it wanted to be, and I let it. Big hugs, and let the howling begin!

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