Artist Watch: Linda Hooper

On to the next artist!! Meet Linda Hooper aka lyndalu_fla. I came across her lovely, lovely pots one day. They’re big and impressive! Then I noticed her mushrooms. Well… I have a bit of a thing for mushrooms so this was right up my alley and the tingles began! Here is her story…

Linda has been mosaicing for 4 years and believes that the wonderfully colourful mosaics in Mexico is what originally inspired her to start. Like most of us, she has always had her hand in something creative: sewing, crochet, cross stitch, decoupage, beaded jewellery, to name but a few. “Watching all the craft, gardening and home improvement shows on HGTV gave me the interest and the courage to try all types of things. I was inspired to take a Woodworking class and fell in love with working with wood – making all kinds of small decorative items, mainly with a scroll saw. I thought that was going to be my big passion, but then I got into mosaics, and discovered that THIS was definitely my big passion.”

Linda promptly read every mosaic book she could get her hands on at her local library, and then bought those she felt were valuable reference material. She realised that pique assiette was her “thang” and that it also gave her the excuse to peruse the thrift stores that much more. “I love the hunt and I love finding bargains. It’s really insane how much “stuff” I have collected for mosaics – both tesserae and substrates. My work area is in the garage, and my poor car no longer fits in there.”

I’m sitting here chuckling to myself while I write this just because I think at some point we all get taken aback by the hook! It’s quite a powerful sensation and the realisation that life has, from this moment on changed can be a little startling, as Linda mentions: “I still can’t believe how quickly mosaics became an obsession. I saw every object as something to mosaic, and even dreamed about mosaics! The first couple of years, I worked strictly with broken china, and then I started working with some vitreous tiles, and more recently have been working with stained glass and tempered glass.”

Her love is garden art and so everything she has created has been done for the garden. She has also been working with concrete, making or modifying bases for mosaic. Lucky Linda attended the SAMA conference earlier this year and took Sherri Warner Hunter‘s class – making lightweight mosaic bases out of polystyrene.

The sharing, camaraderie, support and inspiration she has received from Flickr pals and those from the Mosaic and Stained Glass Forum are an enjoyment to her and spur her on to keep creating! “What an amazing and talented group of people! I was so happy to discover that I was not alone in my obsession – and that I wasn’t crazy after all – or at least if I am, I’m in good company!!!!”. lol!!! 😉

Linda resides in Cape Coral, FL USA where she has lived for the last 8 years.

And finally meet the artist!



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14 responses to “Artist Watch: Linda Hooper

  1. hmmm


    I am an Art Gallery that wants to carry your art and I cant find my way in! Linda Hopper I love your tables how do I carry any of you! Really sometimes the web-sites get to be too high tech and complicated.

    Try to find me!

  2. Caz Kovacs

    Congratulations Lyndalu From your giant vase to your little mushrooms you work is inspirational.

  3. Jeff Fentress

    Beautiful colors! Keep up the creativity. I especially like the mushrooms!

  4. Alessandro Barzizza

    Hi Linda! I love the artwork with the Birds of Paradise. I seem to remember that was one of your favorite colors…

  5. Beautiful work. (Two thumbs up for the shrooms!)

    Thanks for the great post, Kim.


  6. Woo-hoo! how nice to put a face to the beautiful mosaics i see on flickr! I love your work (especially your mushrooms) colourful gorgeous stuff!

  7. Nice to meet you Lindalu, thank God for crazy people or the world would be a boring place, your mosaics are awesome, I always admire people that can use “broken plates” and make something wonderful.

  8. It IS a powerful sensation, this mosaic addiction! I can’t imagine my life ever without it at any time in the future! Nice to get to know you Lyndalu! 🙂

  9. Janet

    Congratulations Lynda! Your mosaics are awesome! Being crazy is a great tool…if I wasn’t crazy, I’d be nuts!!

  10. Donna Post

    Wow! You’re a celebrity now!! You look marvelous and it’s great to see you get this well-deserved recognition! Good pick Kim.

  11. Awesome vases. I really like the bird bath too. Good job.

  12. Crystal

    Wonderful, Linda! Your work is so lovely. We’re all a little crazy, but you’re definitely not alone. 😉

  13. Susan Walden

    Yea Linda! I love your style! You are a plate queen!!

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