I <3 Trades!

I received a trade piece today in the mail 🙂 I was backing out of the driveway, running late to work (as per usual) and noticed something sticking out of my letterbox. Thank you Royal British Mail for getting it here so quickly!!! I ripped it open while driving to work, at every red light there was. About the only time I could appreciate and hope for a red light…

Well it’s simply stunning, as expected from Paul Owen. I wrote about him a couple months ago as part of the Artist Watch Series and he wanted to make something for my luuuurve wall in return… I have to say I was so taken aback by such a gesture. Really, how generous. He’s so cool. And of course I couldn’t accept such a lovely offer without making something in return… Trades rock. There’s no two ways about it. This piece is called Cherry Heart and is made from Stained glass, hematite, Orsoni smalti and Sicis smalto and a gorgeous fused glass heart. {I’m all chuffed :)}

So wherever in rural Scotland you may be Paul… thank you, thank you, thank you! I love it and it makes a great addition to my wall. See you in Italy… soon! You can teach me how to knock back a pint properly 😉

Cherry Heart

Love Wall Redux


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One response to “I <3 Trades!

  1. That IS an awesome piece! Very cool! Oh…and speaking of trades, your piece is about 1/4 finished. Just got back from SF today. School starts for me tomorrow and I’m house sitting for Delaine over the weekend and am going to take it with me.

    I’m happy to see your great wall! Coolio!


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