My son’s mosaic #3 – Waterworld

So after a beaut weekend with my 3 charming children I thought I’d post my 6 year old’s latest mosaic effort. This one he made on mesh – definitely the way to work I think!!! – and I’m so proud of him. This is the child that I will have a conversation with every other day about the need to go to school (he doesn’t particularly enjoy it…) because it’s the only way into Art School 😉

Liam's drawing for his next mosaic
Original picture that he drew..

Having a whale of a time!


Final mosaic that he called Waterworld 🙂 He always comes up with groovy names for his pieces… Next up for him is a giraffe that I think we will put up on the house this time… in their secret hideout!

Already at work on his next mosaic...

I dig the sunnies on the sun, lol!!! Kids are the best…

On another note, I didn’t do any mosaic work over the weekend. I can hardly believe it! It was incredibly cold and incredibly miserable so yesterday we all decided to do nothing but have a movie-marathon. It snowed, albeit as much as “snow” can mean to us Canberrans… We did awake this morning to snow up on the mountains though… always a pretty sight. So I am proud of myself for sitting on my behind all day and doing nothing… I don’t “do” nothing. I’ll admit to being someone who can’t sit still, can’t go on vacation somewhere to lie around on a beach or wherever and, do nothing! I’m hopeless at it! 😉


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6 responses to “My son’s mosaic #3 – Waterworld

  1. stiglice

    You have amazing kids, Kim! Your son is very talented and lucky having a mother who can support and trade him in the world of art.

  2. stiglice

    Still I love this mosaic! Chirldren are so telented and yours are lucky because their competencies can develop freely under you supervision!
    This drawing is so perfect, I could never think out this composition and colors…Congratulations to the little artist!:-)

  3. Kim

    Well I think I am lucky to have my kids!!! Not a day goes by that I don’t think about that, even when they’re being right rotters!!! 😉

    Anyway, thank you! They are precious – I love kids’ drawings. They’re so fresh and unpretentious…

  4. Donna Post

    You have the luckiest children in the world!! And you are so lucky to be able to share your talents and nurture theirs to expose them to a world filled with art. Both you son and the mosaics he creates are simply beautiful.

  5. I love how you have involved your children into your art! I had a cousin who taught me artistic things, and I will be forever greatful to her for starting me out!
    Looks like your children will be artists too! Their drawings are awesome…

  6. You have very talented children, I do like those innocent pictures they paint, no matter how much we try as grown ups they never come out that way again, I do hope he listens to his mother (about school)
    I wonder why, so have fun and enjoy the cold days as long as you can, cause its going to get hot again. (at least here yikes)

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