Mosaic in Film: Iron Man

OK… so not really mosaic in this film. Just a heap of tempered glass with all the testosterone-induced fighting.

BUT, I felt it worthy to mention in this context simply because there is alot of tempered glass and I watched this a while back when I was on my hunt. All I could think of was “Man!!! Look at all that TG… I wonder what they did with it?”. It’d be a shame to think that it all ended up in the bin, where no doubt it did end up. Someone ought to start some kind of film-industry-clean-up-for-art association!

The movie stars Robert Downey Jr and I actually enjoyed it – a great DVD night in, I should think. When the film opened with an AC/DC song, I knew it would, at the least, be entertaining 🙂 Great soundtrack… did I mention Robert Downey Jr?


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7 responses to “Mosaic in Film: Iron Man

  1. Simply beautiful.

    A greeting.

  2. Kim

    ROFL Pam!!! I’m right there with you

  3. Kim, you hit the jackpot! It doesn’t get any better than RDJ AND tempered glass! Although, and I only feel a tiny bit guilty for saying this, but I might even fork over the TG for RDJ. Between the eyes and the voice, he’s very grounding, or . . . something less metaphysical.

  4. Kim

    Well that is very interesting! I always wondered how they managed not to get hurt… just the taste of sugar ay?! 😉

    And yes *sigh*… RDJ! He gets better as he ages…

  5. Kim,

    Did you just put up this video to break my concentration? If anything can do that, Robert Downey, Jr. can!

    My actor pal, David, told me that when you see breaking glass in a film it is actually a type of material that is made from (of all things) sugar! That way, nobody gets hurt. They add the sound of real breaking glass onto the sound tracks, but in reality, the fake glass sounds a bit like the thud of dull plastic.

    This trivial factoid has been brought to you by Stacy Alexander, soon to be coming your way….


  6. Kim

    I know huh?! It’s a bit of a worry…

  7. Susan Walden

    LOL!! You REALLY have the sickness!

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