Artist Watch: Annie Thomas-Burke

Next on my hit list is Annie (aka Annie B’s Art… Bit By Bit, on Flickr). There’s no way I would have ever known that she’s been mosaicing for less than a year, had she not told me. Her mosaics are, to me, very “from the heart”.

Annie became interested in mosaic as an art form purely by accident. An old table needed repair or, as she says “set on fire”!!! 🙂 Instead of adding it to the burn pile, she chose to mosaic it with smashed ceramic 4 x 4 tiles. “During that process”, she says, ” something happened to me. I found what I call my Mojo. A place I go to when I am completely engrossed in a project and at peace. It was the most amazing feeling and I selfishly wanted more.”

Her second project was a little box that she mosaiced a pansy on. ” I’m still looking for that flower. It is lost among bad cuts and improper placement.” Really… I think it was lovely. But what I do love about Annie is that she is her own worse critic and I think it’s what moves and shakes her to do better – she challenges herself. I’d say we all have an element of it, but it’s keeping it healthy that is the balance.

To look through her work you can see how with each piece she has grown as an artist, “… I kept on trying new things with each new piece. I have been in love with mosaic art and in particular, stained glass Mosaics for about a year now. This year has taught me much, with much left to learn. I enjoy each step of that education.”

Women In Motion, Annie’s first series of mosaics is still in progress. Her aim is to do a series of women in motion, doing ordinary things. She also wanted them to be any woman, without defined features and so chose to do them in silhouette.

And finally, meet Annie…


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14 responses to “Artist Watch: Annie Thomas-Burke

  1. Kim

    Hola ninona!

    Welcome! And thanks for adding my blog to your favourites 🙂

    Lucky you to see Gaudi’s work on a daily basis… someday I will get back there.

  2. Becky

    Annie is an amazing artist her creativity is almost infectious. She brings life to her art. She invited me into her studio and opened a world of mosaic to me. It is a gift to know you Annie.

  3. If you can stand it I include you in my favorite blogs.

    Another greeting.

  4. Your blog is beautiful, spectacular. I like very much all the works that you expose in him. I am lucky to live in Barcelona and to be able to enjoy Antonio Gaudí’s wonderful works.

    A greeting.

  5. My goodness what a lovely surprise to come back here and find these lovely comments from on line and in person friends!
    Thank you all so much!

  6. Susan Walden

    I love Annie’s work. She has such a wonderful style.
    Great blog about her, Kim!

  7. I have been a fan of Annie’s work since I first laid eyes on it. It has soul…or something…not sure how to characterize it other than to say that I love it and that it really speaks to me.

    Great article, as always, Kim!


  8. Caz Kovacs

    Wonderful wording Kim. Congratulations Annie. Both you and your work shines. Your details and accuracy of cutting is outstanding. You are an inspiration.

  9. Carolyn

    Annie is just as beautiful inside and definately shares that beauty with the world. I am proud to call her my friend. She is truly the defination of a “Wonder Woman”.

  10. Kim, what a heart felt blog. You have a such a way with words to be able to bring so much vivacity to the computer! Good going.

    Annie, you are the heart and soul to the blog. Congrats. Good, good wishes

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  12. janietodd

    I have seen many of these pieces in person. They are indeed fabulous and each one speaks! She is as wonderful as her art.

  13. Yea Annie! Annie is a wonderful artist and a tremendous person. We are all lucky to know her.

  14. Kim!!!
    I am so honored and pleased to be featured here!
    Thank you profoundly for your kindness and friendship!
    Lovely to be featured after my friend Carol Shelkin
    as well. You and Carol have been the best friends and
    mentors throughout this journey.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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