Artist Watch: Eve from Kraken Mosaics

I’ve been so incredibly busy as of late that I’m falling seriously behind on… well most things. Not a good feeling. But something reminded me today that I HAD to write this post and everything can just wait… As the Irish say “Ah! Tomorrow!” 🙂

Speaking of Irish, those who know me well know that I have a soft spot for anything Irish and so I’d like you all to meet Eve from Kraken Mosaics. Her work is truly fun, inspired by mythical creatures and by coral reefs and the hidden world that lives beneath the waves. “I guess that’s why mermaids and fish seem to be my favorite subjects. Inspiration can come from anywhere for me…so that would account for the oddball creation here or there.” Oddball is right and that is precisely why I love her work!

Eve got into mosaics seriously when her frustration with painting reached an all time high. She was searching for her I-was-born-to-do-this talent and painting with acrylics just wasn’t it.

Her very first project was a small counter mosaiced using sea glass and ceramic tile scraps left over from the installation of her kitchen floor. “It wasn’t the greatest example of mosaic art but it was what lead me to this artform.”

After completing a large installation using readily available ceramic tile (see the octopus below), she turned to stained glass. Eve states, “I think it was the octopus, affectionately dubbed ‘The Kraken’, that really boosted my confidence in the artform and allowed me to branch out creatively.”

Eve lives in southwest Florida and spends her free time (aka time without a pair of nippers in her hand) home educating and travelling the area with her husband of 11 years, their son and their weirdo bull terrier. 😉

You can purchase products from her Etsy store and I highly recommend perusing her mosaics on her Flickr site.


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2 responses to “Artist Watch: Eve from Kraken Mosaics

  1. Great article, Kim – Eve is awesome at what she does! I may have a house full of her mosaics by the time I’m 90, no wait, 40!
    🙂 Christine

  2. Great interview. I really love this series!

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