Artist Watch: Paul Owen

Meet a very cool artist (and I have to say the 1st man in this series yay!), Paul Owen. Known most commonly as eryri2000 on Flickr.  His work is amazing and when I nudged him about sending me some info about himself so I could whore his wares here, he reminded me I’d then be his pimp 🙂 Of course I’d be honoured, so that said I’ll pimp away…

Originally from Cricieth, North-West Wales he had no artistic ambition after he was awarded an ‘Unclassified’ at school for his O-Level art picture of a rather fat, colourful Picasso-like cat… “The fact that I’d won the National Eisteddfod aged 6 in 1975 for a rather fat, ginger, Picasso-like cat dreaming of a fish obviously had escaped the board of examiners 10 years down the line.”

Paul moved and travelled around Scotland for 10 or so years,and during that time, met and became great friends with a stained glass artist called Jacquie Horning. Feeling bored one day he decided to try to make a stained glass panel. Half way through he’d had enough with all the grinding, copper foiling and fitting pieces together, so as he states “… naturally my thoughts turned to mosaics!!!(???)”

His first mosaic, three years ago, was a mermaid and he says “… (it’s) not very good, but it sold after one day in the gallery, so I thought it might be a great way to make some money between pouring pints and whiskeys behind the bar. And cutting up glass for hours would satisfy my borderline autistic leanings.” 🙂 Just for the record, his mermaid is amazing… so this statement must tell us that he’s modest, he likes a good pint and he has a great sense of humour!

He now resides in Blackpool in the UK and is still cutting away… getting better at it… and hoping that his mosaics will make money now, instead of being proclaimed a genius and making some fat cat a fortune after he’s snuffed it.

He cracks me up…

And finally meet the artist in question:


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8 responses to “Artist Watch: Paul Owen

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  2. Paul

    sorry for the delay….yup,he is a Green Man ‘K’

    Thanks for the compliments :o)

  3. Great work. Love the ‘Green Man’ (he is a ‘Green Man’ isn’t he, Paul?) and the Comet especially.

    Thanks for posting K.

  4. Paul

    Hmmm…which comment are you seconding Kim…..Megans/Jeffs or Pauls?

    Be veeeeeery careful with your answer…heh heh heh :o)))))))

  5. Kim

    Indeed!!! I second that yay 😉

  6. jeffz

    yay for boy mosaicists! 🙂

    The comet is one of my all time faves!

  7. These are great. Thanks for the link.

  8. Paul

    He’s a funny looking chap isn’t he!

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