Laurel True’s Renegade Mosaic in New Orleans

Wihoo! Check this out… Felt the need to share this with all of you, some of whom I’m sure have already seen it. Laurel True‘s latest mosaic mural is a community project down in New Orleans. She mentioned she was heading down after the mural intensive I took part in. She has such energy, I love it… Needless to say I felt the need to leave this post in her own words, so here it is…


Hey there!

I just wanted to send a few pics of the mosaic mural we are working on in New Orleans! I got hired to do a renegade mosaic wall mural and involve community members/ neighbors in the process.

We are finishing the background tomorrow and grouting on Saturday. All the places inside the giant circles will be left blank for other artists to come later and paint/ collage/ mosaic/ whatever to make it a kind of neighborhood conversation in visual art.

My friends Tai, Theo and Danit (all visiting) had a hand in the mural. Tai and Theo made graffiti- style inclusions with me and Danit jumped into her first mosaic project (in all the years we have been friends) during her visit and even mosaiced on her birthday. She really knows how to nip now πŸ˜‰

As you can see, the Jackster is working on being a good job site dog and the pink truck is ok in place of a pickup..

I am headed back to Oakland, leaving Nola on Sunday or Monday.. Boo hoo!

But will be glad to get back into the studio to tackle all the summer projects.


Almost all the materials were locally sourced, donated by neighbors and/or recycled or purchased at Habitat for Humanity Reuse Center… Yay!

How cool is that?! Check out these pics, it’s gorgeous and she’s such a Swirl-Ho πŸ™‚

The Renegade Mosaic Mural

The Renegade Mosaic Mural

The Renegade Mosaic Mural

The Renegade Mosaic Mural

The Renegade Mosaic Mural

The Renegade Mosaic Mural

The Renegade Mosaic Mural

Fun, huh?!


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3 responses to “Laurel True’s Renegade Mosaic in New Orleans

  1. Hey, I want to blog about this on Toulouse Street – Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans,but I would love to share the location. Please let me know by posting here or markfolseATrocketmailDOTcom

  2. Fabulous. Let us in NOLA know where it is. I would love to see it and blog it up.

  3. Laurel True is an inspiration in so many ways! Most excellent project…thanks for sharing it! D.

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