Artist Watch: Lynn Dubnicka

Meet Lynn, aka SiriusMosaics on Flickr. I came across her mosaics some time ago now and it’s been a really great journey watching her work come to be. She’s fast and what I love about her work is the fact they are playful – whimsical without being garrish. I look at her ever-growing body of work and it makes me feel good, really good!

Originally from the mid-west, Lynn moved around the east coast in her 20’s and 30’s until finally settling in North Carolina where she lives with her husband and three Dobermans, Gretchen, Merlot and Wolfgang. When not making mosaics, she enjoys working in the yard and reading.

Lynn grew up in a family that is very crafty, and thinks genetics plays a part in her creativity. As a little girl, Lynn sewed clothes, quilted and drew. As a teen she made macramé jewelry and did cross-stitch. She is an absolute dog lover and obviously finds alot of solace in them, as she writes: “I made and sold jewelry in the mid 1990’s, but after my muse, Sarah the Doberman, went to the Rainbow Bridge at a young age in 2001, I was so broken hearted that I never touched another piece of jewelry.”

In 2006 Lynn created SiriusMosaics, in memory of Sarah, with the thought that she is now one of the stars in heaven. “I think I started doing mosaics because I didn’t have control over events that happened in my life, but I did have control over my mosaics from the first image in my head to the finished piece.” Mosaics also have a calming effect on her as she fits and cuts each piece, allowing her mind to be quiet.

Lynn started with covering flower pots with shards of Italian pottery and found objects. “I would look at artists work on the internet for inspiration and I think that is how I got interested in doing mosaics in stained glass.” In the spring of 2007 she bought herself a glass cutter and a pair of wheeled nippers and covered any 3D object she could find such as a frog planter, a Buddha head and some rocks. It is from here that Lynn has progressed to what she is creating now.

Lynn has no formal art training and is self taught from books and trial and error. Her ideas usually come to her while lying in bed trying to sleep and while sitting around looking at catalogs (“Yes, you can find inspiration in catalogs”, she exclaims. LOL). Interestingly she states “…my mind is racing with thoughts. I don’t feel I have found my style yet and sometimes feel frustrated. I find myself frantically trying to finish a project to get started on another – like there is something inside me that is trying to speak out in my art.” Lynn is one of my e-mosaic friends that cranks out her work. She is fast but it doesn’t seem to detract from the finished piece, in my humble opinion. I admire that about her, about anyone that can work fast and still make great decisions along the way…

She has recently opened a store on Etsy.

Finally the Artiste in question:



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7 responses to “Artist Watch: Lynn Dubnicka

  1. Congratulations Lynn, you’ve found your way with the mosaics of your fur babies!! Keep them coming!! Great article

  2. Well deserved recognition for you Lynn, congratulations!

  3. Lynn, your mosaics are indeed beautiful! And I still
    love that little flower the Monarch is sitting on 🙂

  4. StJohnsGypsy

    Congratulations….beautiful work!!

  5. Mosaicwench

    Congrats Lynn!

  6. Thankyou for posting this . What beautiful work.

  7. Susan Walden

    Well deserved recognition! You’re a wonderful artist Lynn!

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