Artist Watch: Pat McCumber

Surfing around Flickr yet again, ‘cos of course I have nothing better to do (!) I discovered Pat, aka P.S I LOVE GLASS. Don’t know where I’ve been hiding… Her work is gorgeous: very whimsical and very fun.

Pat’s been making mosaics for about three years, but has been “crafting” since a young child. She remembers one of her Aunts teaching her how to crochet and knit and whenever someone got married, they received an embroidered pillow case or hand towels for their kitchen. I love how traditions like this were passed down to each generation. It’s something that somewhere along the line got lost, and it’s truly a sad thing! Considering a particular “style” was carried through each family, a lot of tradition and skill has simply vanished. Think quilting, in particular. Anyway, I digress…

Pat loved doing crewel embroidery and had a lot of fun making macrame belts and hanging plant holders, some that she still has because she could never part with them! Then it was cross-stitch, quilting, decorative painting and even pastry chef! While residing in London, Pat took pastry classes at Cordon Bleu with the thought that someday she would open up a “tea shop”. A Jill of all trades 😉

Now it’s mosaics and more recently stained glass. She loves working with glass (hence the Flickr name) and now works exclusively with this chosen material. She’s all about the colour and the texture in her mosaics and loves to add Van Gogh glass, glitter tiles and beads. Her process is to work as she goes – rarely with a “master plan” and is still in search of her “look”, her style. I love that… A true work in progress as an artist. She still finds inspiration from other artists and enjoys studying their art to figure out how it all “works” and comes together.

A year ago, Pat came across a new little gallery in the college town of Magnolia, Arkansas, called the Cosmopolitan Ladies Club & Gallery. The owners of the gallery agreed to display her work even going so far as buying her first mosaic guitar and contemplated presenting it to Sammy Kershaw at the Magnolia Blossom Festival… They didn’t, but for Pat it was a huge boost to her own outlook of her work.

Now retired and residing in NE Texas, USA, with her husband and two cats, Buddy and Ladybug, her life has been mostly with the US State Department. They spent a good 20+ years living overseas and have counted Malta, Iraq, Indonesia, Brazil, Finland, Liberia, and the UK as homes. Extensive travel has simply been a part of her life. She would still like to visit Morocco and Egypt (I’m with you!!!), but now believes she’s found her place on this planet – in a glass heap!

Time for her mosaic to do the talking…

Penny Posey – SOLD, originally uploaded by P.S. I LOVE GLASS

Green Goddess, originally uploaded by P.S. I LOVE GLASS
(I love the title of this piece and look at that fret board!!! It’s just fantastic…)

Kaly Kat, originally uploaded by P.S. I LOVE GLASS

Egyptian Cake Cover, originally uploaded by P.S. I LOVE GLASS

hope SPRINGS eternal, originally uploaded by P.S. I LOVE GLASS

Jeanie, where are you, originally uploaded by P.S. I LOVE GLASS

Finally, the Artiste in question; meet Pat…




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10 responses to “Artist Watch: Pat McCumber

  1. Carol ( artist_mama)

    Hi Pat! Nice to put a face with “the tree!” Someday, I will work with millefiori, your tree is an inspiration. Kim wrote a wonderful blog and I’m so impress.

    I really enjoy your whimsical style.

  2. I am stunned by the guitar piece. How can I contact the artist to see how much that is????!!!! Thanks, Jenny at

  3. Carol ( artist_mama)

    Your work is wonderful and I can always depend on Kim to help me “get to know” another mo artist. I love how you don’t have a master plan.

    Kim…another great blog workings going on!

  4. poetryinpieces

    Soooooo deserved,you are quite the artist.always love looking at your creations!

  5. rchovey

    Love your work! It is such and inspiration.

  6. cubrdiver

    So richly deserved by a lady with limitless ideas and talent with stained glass and mosaics!

  7. Susan Walden

    This is so well deserved!
    I love your creativeness, and I’m inspired by you.
    Hope to see you in Texas!!

  8. Hazie

    So great to see your name getting out there.
    Your work has always inspired me. I have always enjoyed your

  9. OH Pat Your work is WONDERFUL!!! so glad you have been exposed.:) Everything so nicely done. Chris

  10. Thankyou for finding these artists for us K.
    Love and covet the Tree. I shall have to find some Milfori ( spelling?) now!

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