Seoul Subway Mosaics & Glass Art

Just thought I’d finally post the remaining pictures of the mosaics I found in the Seoul subway system – I have to say a very pristine and efficient one in my opinion! And one that is so much more pleasing to the eye with the addition of mosaic murals!!! Gotta love how Seoulites embrace public art.

Seoul Subway Mosaics
I really quite likes this one because it deviated from the “norm” – most of the mosaics I saw on the subway there were worked in the grid style, opus regulatum.

Seoul Subway Mosaics
This is one of the bathrooms (!!!) at Itaewon station…

Seocho Subway Station
At Seocho station – thought this was funky!

Seoul Subway Mosaics
I wonder if this is the same artist as the first one above…

Kkot Gil - Flower Road
This mural was titled “Kkot Gil” which means “Flower Road”. Can be found at Gosok Terminal.

Tongdaemun Station Mosaic Artwork
This was at Tongdaemun Station –  a huge transfer point.

Tongdaemun Station Mosaic Artwork
Also at Tongdaemun…

Stained Glass Ceiling
A stained glass ceiling at Tongdaemun Station. Just so lovely!!! Look up as you go up or down the looooong escalators…

Seoul Subway Glasswork
Also at Itaewon Station…

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