Crossroads – the arrival

Slow day at work today… Catching up on emails and organising a trip to the US when I get an email from Susan saying the mosaic arrived at my house!!! (We made a trade, remember?!). Thinking to myself how hilarious that she would know this before me, the realisation that it was here, actually here started to dawn on me. I immediately left work. I only had an hour to go – the post office was going to close and it would take me a good 30 minutes to get home, pick up the postie’s card and drive to the post office to get it.

So off I went. Weaving in and out of traffic trying to go as fast as I could (I drive a Volvo station wagon!!!). Getting more and more excited… I finally arrived and picked up this ha-uge box. It only just fit into the back of my car. Quick, get the boys. Quick pick up Molly… Get home, where’s the scissors? Dang this thing has been packed well… Liam was snapping away the whole time (thanks sweet-art). Me behaving like a manic.

It’s here. It’s gorgeous. I love it. Thank you Susan… It’s just perfect. Molly was mesmerised, the boys were impressed. Now I need to do it justice and find the right spot to hang it in.

Pictures say a thousand words (that I don’t have)

It's arrived!!!

{please don't cut through something I'm not supposed to!}

Getting closer...

This thing's HUGE!!!

The BIG Reveal

Opening it all up...

Ooh! Aah!

Crossroads by S. Crocenzi

Molly mesmerised by Crossroads...

Crossroads by S. Crocenzi

Crossroads, originally uploaded by sucra88


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4 responses to “Crossroads – the arrival

  1. Carol Shelkin

    So beautiful…I love the face on Molly as she peers over the box!

  2. OMG! Such gorgeous work. The detail is beautiful.

  3. cadonna

    This was SO worth the wait. It’s freakin’ amazing!

  4. hunnybee82

    wow, a beautiful mosaic

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